Superstitions and Advice for Breaking a Losing Streak


Like any avid gamers or gamblers, bingo players can experience losing streaks. These sequences can occur at random, while they can also continue indefinitely and for a considerable period of time. In contrast to winning sequences, losing streaks can drive players to distraction and even cause them to fall out of love with a game that they may have great affection for.

Such periods can also call for drastic measures, as players look to reverse their fortunes through a host of unusual and unorthodox methods. While there may be some superstitions that can help you to return to winning ways, it is important to approach your problems methodically and in a way that actively improves results.

With this in mind, here is some practical advice that can enable you to break your losing streak and return to winning ways. For example…

Take responsibility for your misfortune

When you attribute your failure to luck alone, you are effectively absolving yourself from responsibility and restricting yourself in terms of the steps you can take to recover. This mind-set is referred to by psychologists as the ‘external locus of control’, which prevents individuals from adopting a proactive approach and actively changing their own lives for the better. Once you embrace a more positive frame of mind, you will begin to consider practical methods of improving your level of gameplay and counterbalancing the elements of luck, opportunism and chance that define games such as bingo.

Take small steps and trigger a cycle of positivity

Our first step is the trigger for a recurring cycle of positivity, as we think for progressively and execute small tasks that improve our chances of winning. This in turn alters your entire energy and outlook as an individual, and these changes manifest themselves in greater urgency, improved body language and more concise speech. Once you begin to practice playing bingo regularly in a bid to enhance your numeracy skills and hand-eye coordination, for example, you will develop greater levels of confidence in your own ability and respond to adversity with tenacity.

Change your perspective and consider the needs of others



These steps create short-term foundations for future success, but to achieve over a concerted period of time you will need to alter your perception of bad luck and ill-fortune. If you consider the universe as a wider entity that caters to the needs of everyone, for example, it stands to reason that each individual will need to alternate between winning and losing on a cyclical basis. This perspective enables you to reconsider your perception of your own bad luck, as your place a positive spin on this and consider this as benefitting someone else directly.

Last updated: Feb 9, 2023

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