Online Bingo Banking Guide

Before you sign up to play at an online bingo site, it is important to check that it has a suitable payment option for you.

Most bingo sites will offer a range of payment methods to try and accommodate every type of player, however, you need to know exactly how each of these payment methods works so you can choose the right one for you. What’s more, while some of these payment methods will be instantly recognisable such as debit cards, others you may not recognise at all.

Payment methods allow you to make deposits and withdrawals from online bingo sites. Each has its pros and cons and, of course, we have our favourites that we will recommend to you!

Let’s get started! Below, you’ll find all the information you need to know about each of the most popular payment methods found at bingo sites online, their deposit and withdrawal times, any fees associated, how convenient they are to use and more. This will help you to make a decision on which method is best for you and you can choose a suitable online casino.

What to Look for in Online Bingo Payment Options

What to Look for in Online Bingo Payment Options

Firstly, it’s important to know exactly what to look for in a good online bingo payment option. Factors you should be considering and that we’ll be talking about here include:

  • Accessibility – Is it a widely accepted payment method commonly found at most online bingo sites? You’ll want to choose a method that is popular amongst players on a range of different bingo sites.
  • Withdrawal and Deposit Times – How long does it take to make a deposit and withdrawal? Having a payment method that makes deposits instantly and provides fast withdrawals is key.
  • Withdrawals – Can you make withdrawals alongside deposits with this payment method? Many payment methods cannot be used for both.
  • Security – Is the payment method you are using safe and secure? This is the most essential points to consider as you only want to use payment methods that protect your personal information.
  • Fees – Are there fees to deposit or withdraw cash? Lots of payment options are free, but others may have fees attached which you need to know about before you go ahead and use it.
  • Convenience – Is this a payment method that can be used across many different devices? Some are confined to just mobile whilst others can be used on mobile, tablets and laptop/computer devices.
  • Usability – Can you create an account quickly and make deposits fast? Some payment methods are easier to set up and use than others.

Online Bingo Debit Card Options

Debit cards are one of the most popular and widely used payment options at online bingo sites. They are incredibly convenient as the majority of players will already have one which means there is no need to waste any time setting up another payment option and you can get started right away playing at your chosen bingo site. Debit cards work in a similar way at all online casinos with just some small differences.


Available Debit Cards

Debit cards that you will find available at many online bingo sites include:

  • Mastercard Debit – This is one of the largest banking firms in the world and is a safe and smart option for players. This card will be linked to your personal banking account, allowing you to easily keep track of your spending.
  • Visa Debit – This is one of the most widely used debit cards in the UK as it is a reputable and established company that players trust.
  • Maestro – Another widely used debit card that is automatically given when opening up a current banking account in the UK. This card works in the same way as Mastercard and Visa.
  • American Express – This card is not as common in the UK, but there are some online bingo sites that will accept it. If you do decide to use this debit card, make sure that you check before you get started playing that the casino accepts it as a payment method.


What are the Pros of Using Debit Cards?

  • When you use this type of payment method, there are typically no fees for deposits.
  • They are usually always eligible when claiming a welcome bonus.
  • UK issued bank cards will make deposits online instantly
  • Accepted at most online casinos, so if you choose this payment method then you can be rest assured that the casino you choose will allow you to use your debit card.
  • You cannot overspend when using them. You are limited to what you have in your account, so there is no temptation there to spend more than you can and go into debt.
  • It’s safe to use as long as you are playing at a licensed and regulated casino with SSL encryption technology.
  • You can download your banking app to keep track of bingo site transactions easily.


What are the Cons of Using Debit Cards?

  • Many players are put off from this payment method as they feel it’s a security issue entering bank details into an online casino.
  • Withdrawal times using debit cards can be very long. Usually, it’s between 5 and 7 working days.
  • There may be fees for withdrawals, but you will have to check this with the gambling site and your bank.

Online Bingo Credit Card Options

Unfortunately, while players used to have credit card options like Mastercard, this is no longer the case. Bingo sites in the UK no longer accept any credit card payment methods due to new regulation from the UK Gambling Commission that was introduced in April 2020. There is a complete ban on using credit cards for depositing or withdrawing cash at online bingo sites. If you come across a site that still offers this, it may not be a safe and secure place to play that is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, so stay away!

Luckily, there are still plenty of other options for you to choose from.

Online Bingo e-Wallet Options

Online Bingo e-Wallet Options

e-wallets are some of the most popular options when playing at online bingo sites and there is usually at least one available. It’s great for players having this variety, especially if they live abroad, as not every e-wallet will work in every country. These are the e-wallets that are most popular at UK bingo sites.


PayPal is the most reputable and widely used of all e-wallets in the UK, and not just on bingo sites! The vast majority of players will already have a PayPal account and will know how to use it from making purchases online, making it an easy transition to then depositing cash at an online bingo site. There are no fees with PayPal and deposits are made instantly. Withdrawals are fast and are processed instantly after the bingo site has finished processing it.

If you don’t already have a PayPal account, it is incredibly easy to use. Simply register for a PayPal account through their official site and link it to your bank account. You can then choose your PayPal casino to play at and choose this as your option when making a deposit. Enter your deposit amount and follow the steps to confirm the transaction.


Neteller is another popular e-wallet that is used in the UK, but also around the world. It works in a very similar way to PayPal, so if PayPal isn’t available at the bingo site you want to play at, this is the next best thing. Neteller is operated by the UK company Paysafe Group who also own Paysafecard and Skrill, so you know that this is a brand that you can trust. There are no fees when using this payment method for deposits and withdrawals and transactions are processed instantly. The only wait time is the bingo site’s withdrawal processing time frame.

To use Neteller, create an account on their official website. This shouldn’t take very long and you can connect your account up to your bank account. Next, choose a pay by phone casino UK which offers Neteller as a payment method and opt for this on the banking page when making your deposit.


Skrill is another e-wallet that you will find at lots of online casinos. It is used around the world, by over 36 million people, for online transactions and has been operating for almost 20 years but was first launched as the brand Moneybookers. It is known for being a secure and reliable payment method that makes deposits instantly and withdrawals take less than 24 hours after going through the casino withdrawal process.

A major downside to using Skrill is that there can be fees involved that you won’t have when you use another e-wallet such as PayPal or Neteller. Bank transfers and debit cards transfers of money into your Skrill account won’t incur a fee, but other payment methods may be charged a fee starting from 0.5% and this rises to 7%. It is also worth noting that if you use this to withdraw your winnings and then want to transfer this money to your bank account, you will be charged a 7.5% fee which is extremely high when compared to other payment methods.

If you are going to choose this as your payment method, you’ll need to set up an account first on their website. This won’t take you long and once you have your account set up you can transfer funds into it from your bank account. Then, at your chosen casino, on the banking page set your deposit amount and opt for Skrill. You are then ready to get started playing.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the newest e-wallets to hit the scene but is already proving to be very popular. Only players who own an iOS Apple device can use this payment method and you must have an Apple ID. This is a payment method that is connected to your debit card and is very safe as you need to verify the transaction via touch ID or facial recognition. There are no fees to use it and it is quick to make deposits with. However, this is one of the only e-wallets that won’t allow you to make withdrawals.

To use Apply Pay, simply set up your account using the Wallet app on your phone if you don’t already have one. All you have to do is scan your debit card to link them together and confirm this via the code sent in a text message. On an iPad or Macbook with touch ID, this is a similar process but you must manually enter your card details. When you’re ready to deposit, choose this as your payment method on the bingo banking page and your deposit amount. You will then be prompted to confirm this via touch ID or face ID.


What are the Pros of Using an e-wallet?

  • Instant deposits.
  • Instant withdrawals after the casino withdrawal process is complete.
  • No fees for deposits.
  • Most have no fees for withdrawals.
  • No need to insert banking details on the bingo site.
  • Reputable, long-standing brands such as PayPal and Neteller.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Download the e-wallet app to keep track of your purchases.
  • Linked to a bank account, so you won’t be able to overspend.
  • Simple and easy to use, making it a convenient option.


What are the Cons of Using an e-wallet?

  • Not available at every online casino.
  • E-wallets such as Neteller are sometimes excluded from welcome offers.
  • Cannot be linked to a credit card for deposits.
  • Some e-wallets charge fees for withdrawals.

Online Bingo e-Voucher Options

There is one main e-voucher option that is widely used and accepted at online bingo sites and that is Paysafecard, which, if you did not know, used to be Ukash.



Paysafecard is an accepted payment method at many online bingo sites and players usually pick this option when they don’t want to hand over their banking details or have a trail online of where they are spending their money. You can get a Paysafecard from a physical store and then spend it online, so there is no need to have your bank details anywhere which is unique when compared to other payment options. Deposits made using this option are instant, but you won’t be able to make withdrawals so you will at some point have to enter personal details into the online casino using another payment method such as a debit card or e-wallet.


How to Use Paysafecard

Using Paysafecard is very easy. Purchase a card either in a shop or you can purchase an e-voucher online. This is essentially a pre-paid card and there are increments to choose from, for example, you can get a £10, £25, £50 or £100 Paysafecard e-voucher. When making your deposit, choose Paysafecard and enter the 16 digit code that you’ll find on the voucher to confirm the transaction. The money is then instantly credited to your online bingo account and you can get started playing.

Another great option when using this payment method is to create an account on the Paysafecard website. Here, when you purchase vouchers you are able to combine them into the one account, making it much easier to keep track of your spending when logging in with your password and username. Be aware, however, that you need to use any voucher within one year, otherwise you can be charged an administrative monthly fee.


What are the Pros of Using an e-Voucher?

  • Safe and secure as you don’t have to enter any personal banking information online
  • Can be purchased at a physical store.
  • Gives players who don’t want online gambling to appear on bank statements anonymity.
  • Instant deposits.
  • No fees for deposits.
  • You can usually download a mobile app to keep track of your transactions.
  • Reputable company.
  • A good option for those who don’t have a debit card.


What are the Cons of Using an e-Voucher?

  • The minimum deposit is usually £10 if this is the smallest e-voucher you can buy.
  • It doesn’t work for withdrawals.
  • Withdrawals can take longer as you’ll have to choose another payment method.
  • Watch out for administrative fees after 1 year.
  • Maximum deposit limits can be lower which may not be suitable for high rolling players.

Online Bingo Pay by Phone Payment Method

A payment method that is commonly found at online casinos is pay by phone (view our list of pay by phone bill bingo sites). This is usually through a company such as Boku, Zimpler or Payforit and allows you to make deposits easily via your mobile device. All of the major phone networks in the UK authorise this payment method including O2, Virgin, EE, Vodafone and Three. Deposits are free of charge, instant but you cannot make withdrawals using this payment method.

This payment method is incredibly easy to use. Simply head on over to the banking page at your chosen casino and opt for the pay by phone process like Boku. You can then enter the amount you want to deposit, which is usually a maximum of £30. Enter your mobile number and wait for the confirmation text message. Reply to the text to authorise the transaction and you will see the cash in your account instantly. This depositing amount will be added to your monthly phone bill which you can pay altogether. If you are using a pay as you go phone, the deposit will be taken instantly off your credit.


What are the Pros of Using Pay by Phone?

  • Safe and secure payment method.
  • You don’t have to enter your banking details into the bingo site.
  • Deposits are made instantly.
  • There are no fees.
  • For those on a budget, this is a good option as it limits spending.
  • You can play now and pay later.


What are the Cons of Using Pay by Phone?

  • Cannot be used for withdrawals.
  • Deposit limits make this not a good option for high-rolling players.
  • Not available at every casino.
  • Not available on every mobile network.
  • Mobile phone and number required to carry out the transaction.

Which is the Best Online Bingo Payment Option?

What is considered to be the best online bingo payment option will differ from player to player depending on what their needs are. If you want to keep things simple, then you can just opt for your debit card. For those who want to keep their details offline, a voucher-like Paysafecard is the best option. However, most players will opt for an e-wallet such as PayPal as they provide the best of all worlds. There are no fees, deposits are instant, this is the fastest method for withdrawals and this is also one of the safest options as you don’t need to enter any banking details into the online bingo site. The vast majority of people will also already have a PayPal account, making it a convenient option that you know is reliable.