Best Casino Sites 2020

Compare the best casino sites for 2020. Read our expert unbiased reviews and choose premium UK online casinos with the top games & bonuses.

Best Casino Sites UK - 2020

Casino Site Rating Bonus Info Visit
Up To£150 Bonus
  • Well established brand
  • Robust site
  • 24-hour customer service

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

Up To£300 Bonus
  • Popular brand with many players
  • Easy to use
  • Well built and developed

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

Up To£100 Bonus
  • Nice design
  • Well optimised
  • Great slot range

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

Up To£100 Bonus
  • Well thought out site
  • Leading software providers
  • Very easy to navigate

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

Up To30 FREE SPINS Bonus
  • 24/7 Support
  • UK Brand

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

Up To£200 Bonus
  • Visually stunning
  • Robust online casino
  • Very easy to use

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

Up To£100 Bonus
  • Good reputation
  • Well designed site
  • Easy to use

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

Up To£100 Bonus
  • Range of slots
  • Popular software providers
  • Good customer service

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

Up To£100 Bonus
  • Market leading software providers
  • Highly functional

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

Up To£100 Bonus
  • Superb Mobile Casino
  • Great brand name
  • Easy to navigate

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

Up To£300 Bonus
  • Very fun and innovative theme
  • Potential to be market-leading
  • High attention to detail

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

Up To£1200 Bonus
  • Brand with great pulling power
  • Very innovative
  • Range of diverse products

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

Up To£88 Bonus
  • Highly reputable brand
  • Popular casino site
  • No-deposit welcome bonus

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

Up To£200 Bonus
  • Wide variety of slots
  • Well optimised for mobile
  • Professional approach

UK players accepted, terms apply, 18+

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Finding the best casino sites in the UK can be a challenge, because there are so many, however, here at BingoSites.Net we list some of the most reputable ones in the industry which are licensed by the UKGC and as a result our readers are left more than satisfied by what we have to choose from! 

Our expert team have decades of experience in the gambling industry and are well positioned to be able to provide the most reliable and above all, balanced advice and reviews about the best casino sites UK operators. While everyone has their own thoughts and opinions about what goes into the best ones, due to personal and individual taste, we make sure that we provide all of the most important information for our readers so that they can make well-informed decisions. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the most well regarded and top casino sites & slot sites.

How to register at a Casino Site and start playing

 The best casino sites in UK territories are also some of the most appealing due to their registration process, because they strike a fine balance of being fast while also including all of the major steps such as the all important KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

Ultimately, the top UK casino sites generally follow a similar registration procedure and new customers are required to click on the relevant call to action such as ‘sign up’ which is often highlighted under a welcome bonus, where new players will receive incentives for registering. Following this, customers are then required to follow the steps, such as providing details like their name and address as well as then selecting and verifying their preferred payment method.

The Top Casino Bonus Offers in the UK

This can include bonus funds, free spins and also bonus spins and as a result they will have access to gambling products such as table games, casino games and in many cases a live casino offering.

Many of the best casino UK online operators will have wagering requirements attached to welcome offers which means a player may have to wager funds a certain number of times before bonuses are unlocked.

At UK top casino sites online, there are an exceptional amount of welcome offers available all of which differ greatly and the top UK online casinos that we list have been carefully hand-picked and, as a result feature a range of glamorous, fun and engaging sign up bonuses for customers who are new.

How do we review the best casino sites? 

Here at BingoSites.Net our expert and highly experienced team firstly conduct highly forensic research of every single top UK online casino and review them based on a number of important variables. This includes a detailed audit of each site where we delve deep into every single aspect and which starts with signing up to each one and creating an account, completing the wagering requirements if there are any, playing each of the slots, every casino game, bingo game and also exploring the live portal of games. In addition, to be able to provide a balanced and insightful view of payment methods, we deposit and make withdrawals with each one as well as using each of the customer service options, while we also are able to build up a considerable knowledge of the different software providers which are used. This helps to give us extensive clarity about how the best UK casino sites operate and function from a user perspective.

Following this, we are then able to create structured, informative and above all unbiased reviews for prospective players, which covers all of the areas that are key for players, including an analysis of all of the welcome offers as well as ongoing promotions. Ultimately, we know that giving the user reassurance and confidence about sites is one of the most important things and this is why we only recommend the most trusted and authoritative top UK casinos.

How does the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) protect players?

Every online casino that we review at BingoSites.Net is licensed by the UKGC, which is a fundamental factor for us. Ultimately, every casino site needs an operating license and it is part of the job of the UKGC to constantly monitor the internet to make sure that each one has a license. One way to be sure of this is that, generally if they are licensed, they will have the UKGC logo displayed at the bottom of the site.

The best UK online casinos adhere to a set number of rules and regulations which are implemented by the UKGC and they have to do this on a consistent basis. This can be anything from following responsible gambling procedures such as making sure that they encourage players to adopt responsible gambling techniques, to ensure safety and fairness.

All of the slots and games are tested and reviewed on a consistent basis which makes sure that they are reliable and accurate, particularly in terms of payouts, while site security is also checked regularly which helps to protect a player’s data. The UKGC comes down hard on sites who fail to abide by their legislation and here at BingoSites.Net we make sure that we continuously check the sites that we review and also keep up to date with industry news, even getting in touch with the UKGC when we feel that this is necessary to inform them of any sites that do not meet their standards.

Mobile Experience

In recent years, handheld devices have become the ‘norm’ when it comes to gambling online with the majority of players preferring to use either their smartphones or tablets to take part in this activity. This is because it is not only more convenient, but the handheld nature means that they are able to move freely around their home, or anywhere that has a secure WiFi connection.

At BingoSites.Net, every site that we list has a particularly good mobile experience for players, with some even being specialist mobile casinos. What the best online UK casinos have started doing is devoting a substantial amount of their budget towards mobile development and as a result, they have seen this become an essential aspect in their process.

Ensuring that a site’s mobile offering is the best that it can be and constantly in line with industry standards has almost become accepted as mandatory in the iGaming sector by casinos who operate online, which is why they do whatever they can to make sure that every product is optimised to the highest standard.


In this industry, payment methods have become a lot more advanced and sophisticated over the last few years, especially with the development of technology and the move towards online payment gateways such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, which have become considerably popular, due to the fact that this adds an extra layer of security to the transaction. While all operator sites are encrypted with the latest software, which is usually enough to protect player’s data, this can add more peace of mind for the more security conscious.

The best online gambling UK sites often include an array of options for the player when it comes to payment options, including the traditional method of Visa, Mastercard and Maestro, while players can also take advantage of some of the latest technology such as Paybyphone, which allows the customer to deposit using their smartphone with the amount being added to their monthly phone bill.

In addition, the Paysafecard has also become a popular method, which is a prepaid card that players simply have to enter the code on the card to unlock the amount that they put on it. This essentially eradicates any risk at all and means that players do not have to enter personal banking information.

While making a deposit is instant, only the top casino sites UK firms have quick withdrawal times, with some immediate or at least on the same day, while others can take anywhere between three and seven working days on average.


The best casino sites UK provide players with slots and games that are built using some of the best software in the industry and many even have a search tool so that you can look for the software provider that you like the best and see the slots and games that they offer. All top online casinos UK based usually work with some of the most reputable software providers, which means that their players are supplied with the best products.

Such software providers include NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and Evolution Gaming among many others and it is not unusual for the best UK online casino sites to include in excess of 20 different providers which is usually a good indicator that the player has a lot of different slots and games to choose from.

Some software providers also build and design the infrastructure of the top UK casino sites, though there are also other factors which also help to make sure the best online casino UK sites offer players a great experience.

Ultimately, a top online casino UK operator does invest a lot into the software that it uses because it knows that this can help to make a difference when it comes to attracting players to sign up and also use them on a regular basis.

Many software providers also keep up to date with the latest industry software with their slots often being built using HTML5 and as such, it is usually the case that the best new online casinos UK operators partner with these and know that this can be a considerable difference maker. It is no coincidence why these often become the biggest online casinos UK sites.

Online Casino Reviews – How Do the Sites in Our Top 10 Compare? 

Because our process is so detailed, it means that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to choosing what we believe to be the best online casinos UK run sites. Our review process takes into account a many number of factors, that aim towards customer experience which is what a top casino UK operator does well.

Everyone will have their own top 10 casino sites UK list, based on a number of different variables, though, based on our rich history in the industry, we know what works. The UK top casinos can usually be distinguished due to the fact that they provide players with a significant amount of entertainment in terms of their products, but also have a number of other important factors that they rank highly for, particularly the support functions.

At the top online casino sites UK based or otherwise (though predominantly in the UK), they will pay close attention to this and devote a significant amount of resources to making sure that they continue to be regarded as the best online casinos in UK market thought processes.

Game Variety 

There is no doubt that this can be one of the deciding factors for new players and what is usually the case is that online casino sites UK players like a wide selection of games and slots to choose from. This means that they will partner with a range of different software providers and in turn, they often want to work with the best UK online casino at the bare minimum.

The top 10 online casino sites UK operator companies focus on ensuring that they are able to provide their players with the most up to date games on a regular basis as they are released and then consistently keep them updated.

Some of the most popular games are often created by the industry’s leading development companies such as NetEnt who brought the Starburst slot to the industry and which many online operators have in their portfolios.

As well as slots, a top casino online UK firm will include all of the best table games as well, such as online poker, online blackjack, online baccarat and in some cases, even online craps, while there will usually also be a live offering of each version.

Top class customer service

When it comes to customer support, the best casinos UK sites have some of the most reliable and specialist service in the industry, as well as a wide selection of ways for players to get in touch. These include highly responsive 24-hour Live Chat, an email address and even in some cases, a free phone number, plus active social media accounts.

In this industry, this function has proved to be a very useful tool for players, particularly live chat, because players often want answers to their questions immediately due to the fast nature of gameplay. In addition, the best casino sites will also provide multilingual live chat support for those customers who speak a different language, while those which offer this for 24 hours are often the most popular.

Online casino sites UK customers find that they are well supported by casino customer service staff, with these having received high levels of training about the company and the products they offer and, because of this, players are provided with solutions quickly.

Which casinos have games with better payout in 2020?

When it comes to payouts, this can often vary from game to game and usually depends on technical elements such as RTP (return to player) and slot volatility and variance. The RTP on the majority of games is usually between 92 percent and 98 percent, so players still have a good chance of decent payouts, however, it is important to remember that this is completely random.

Generally, the best casino sites will offer a range of games which vary in their RTP and each slot usually has this in writing in the description. A top casino UK payout is definitely possible, though it is important to remember that these can occur at any time.

If you are looking for the games with the best payout, the best thing to do is read our reviews because we go into this in more detail about the casinos which offer games that have these.

Best Casino Sites - FAQs

While we have covered as much as we feel is necessary, we also understand that you still may have questions, so we have preempted these and answered them as best as we can!

Which online casino is best?
There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer to this, because this often varies based on the personal taste of the player and what exactly they are looking for. Here at BingoSites.Net, however, our expertise in the industry means that we can provide extensive and balanced information about the different aspects that are important to helping to make sure that the user experience is as good as it can be. The best casino site UK features have become an integral part of what the player looks for, whether this be the range of games, or attractive promotions.

Which is the best bingo site for winning?
When it comes to finding the best bingo sites for winning, rest assured that BingoSites.Net has got your back. We list and recommend all of the best ones based on a number of factors and these can often be the best casino sites as well. In fact, the best casinos UK listings usually feature a comprehensive bingo offering with a range of different games available, all of which have a great chance of winning.

Which are the best casinos with free signup bonus?
Here at BingoSites.Net we list many different free sign up bonuses, all structured differently and which have their own unique selling points. If there was a best casino website UK free sign up bonus directory, players would find many to choose from and players would find that they are attracted to these for a number of reasons, such as a lot of free spins on a particular slot.

Where can I find the top 100 online casinos?
At BingoSites.Net we are constantly adding more and more of the best casino sites, so we highly recommend that you keep an eye for new ones that we add, based on our rigorous review process. As such, this is a great place to start to find the top 100 online casinos.