Speed Bingo Guide

At online bingo sites, there are a variety of fantastic bingo variants for you to play. 70 ball and 90 ball are the standard and most popular games, however, one game that is taking the online bingo world by storm is speed bingo.

This is a 30 ball bingo game that offers something fast and exciting to players who want to try something a little bit different to the classic games.

Want to know more about speed bingo? Find out everything you need to know about this game, how to play and why this game is so incredibly popular at BingoSites.net.

Are Speed Bingo and 30 Ball Bingo the Same?

Are Speed Bingo and 30 Ball Bingo the Same?

Yes! Speed bingo and 30 ball are the same game and the names are used interchangeably. You may hear some sites refer to this as speed bingo and others, it is referred to 30 ball bingo. 30 ball bingo is its official name but you'll find many sites using speed bingo instead. This information is key to avoiding confusion at a later date when playing at an online bingo site as you may think the site doesn’t offer speed bingo when in fact it does!

How to Play 30 Ball Bingo

If you’re familiar with online bingo and the classic 75 ball game, then you’ll have no problem learning the rules of speed bingo as this game is essentially just a quicker and smaller version of this classic. Players will be given a ticket with 9 numbers in a 3x3 style grid. These numbers are random and will range from 1 to 30.

The clue is in the name of this game and it’s known for being a speedy game that is perfect for those with limited time on their hands. There are only a small amount of numbers in this game and, in most speed bingo games, the winner is simply the person to mark off all the numbers from their card first. This is usually the only winner in this game and also helps keep things moving at a fast pace as you don’t need to wait for one line and two line wins.

Like the classic games, numbers will be called and these will be marked off your cards and the winner is the person to get a full house first. The 1st column will contain numbers 1 to 10, the second column will contain numbers 11 to 20 and the third column will contain numbers 21 to 30. While this game is becoming more and more common online, it is not a game you will see much at land-based bingo halls.

How Much Can I Win Playing Speed Bingo?

Prizes up for grabs playing speed bingo vary from game to game, just like the classic games. There are lots of different aspects to the game which can change the size of the prize pot. Factors that will alter the size of the prize pot to make it either bigger or smaller include:

  •         Cost of tickets – Like other bingo games, when the ticket price is higher, this usually means that the prize pot is bigger. Vice versa, when ticket prices are cheaper, not as much money tends to be up for grabs in the prize pot.
  •         Number of tickets – If you want to increase your chances of winning, the best way to do so is to purchase more bingo tickets. This won’t change the prize pot amount, but it will increase your odds. In speed bingo, players can buy up to 96 bingo tickets per game
  •          Number of players – The more players there are in a bingo room, the bigger the prize fund will usually be. This is due to more players contributing to the prize pot.

What are the Advantages of Playing Speed Bingo?

What are the Advantages of Playing Speed Bingo?

Speed bingo has quickly become a fan favourite game amongst online slot players and there are a few reasons why. This game won’t be for everyone but there are lots of advantages to playing it including:

  •         Easy to play – Players can sometimes find new games daunting to play if they feel the rules are over complicated. The great thing about seed bingo is its simplicity. This game is one of the easiest bingo games to play as it is very compact with just 9 numbers on your ticket and bingo balls rising to just 30. If you like to play bingo with lots of tickets and that you can follow along with with ease, then this is the game for you.
  •         Newer variant – Most players will be familiar with the standard 90 ball and 75 ball games and so one of the great things about speed bingo is that it’s a new and exciting game to play. It offers a fresh take on the classic games and is perfect for anyone who is tiring of the standard games.
  •         Quickness – We’re all busy with work, family and friends and so trying to fit in a game of online bingo can sometimes be difficult. One of the advantages to playing speed bingo is that it is much quicker to play than the standard games due to the fewer numbers and smaller tickets. Get a few games in on your lunch break, travelling to work and so on, without having to worry about the time the game will run on to.
  •         Mobile-friendliness – A big advantage to playing speed bingo is that it’s a great option to play on mobile. More and more players want mobile-friendly games they can access and play on the go and speed bingo is the perfect option as it works well on smaller mobile devices and the quickness of the game make it great for when you are out and about and just want a cheeky bingo game to play.
  •         Play more – If you want to get through as many games as possible, then speed bingo is a great choice. This game is incredibly fast and so you are sure to get through many more games than you would be playing the standard games.

Is there more than One Opportunity to Win Playing Speed Bingo?

This depends on the game you are playing, but for the most part, when you’re playing speed bingo there will only be one prize available and this will be for the full house jackpot prize. The main aim of the game is to get that full house win and this works well for this game due to its speed and because there are fewer numbers available.

There are some bingo sites that are introducing multiple prizes for speed bingo games. This will be explained in the game rules before you buy tickets, so you’ll know exactly what type of speed bingo game you are playing. Other prizes awarded can be similar to the standard games and will include a prize for one or two lines, horizontal and vertical lines and some will even offer prizes for a pattern, which is more commonly found in 75 ball bingo games.

Although some players may feel that there are fewer opportunities to win with just 1 prize up for grabs, there is no need to fret. As the speed of these games is so fast, it means you can get through many more games than you would with the classics and so the winning opportunities are still very high.

Can I Miss Numbers Playing Speed Bingo?

Speed bingo is very fast and that’s what makes this game so special, however, some players may be concerned that they will miss out on numbers being called if the game is too fast. There is no need to worry about this when playing online bingo as the numbers are marked off your card automatically with the site’s software. This means you can enjoy this fast-paced game without getting stressed about missing out on any winning numbers!

Is Speed Bingo Right for Me?

Speed bingo is a game that will appeal to a wide range of players and the only players it won’t really appeal to are those who want longer, more drawn-out games with multiple prizes up for grabs. 30 ball bingo has everything most players are looking for as it’s fast-paced, you can get through many games and prize pots vary so you can choose the game and ticket prize that is right for you. For players who have limited time on their hands or are impatient playing the longer games, it doesn’t get much better than 30 ball bingo.

We all lead busy lives and if you’re looking to fit in a quick game of online bingo, you cannot go wrong playing speed bingo. It’s a fresh and modern take on the classic 90 ball game and is sure to appeal to those who want a quick, easy to follow game that offers plenty of winning potential. Many of the bingo sites recommended here at BingoSites.net offer speed bingo, so make sure you sign up to get started playing this bingo variant today!