In the UK iGaming industry, a test house is a body that independently trials a given gambling website to ensure it complies with government regulations.

Test houses are an integral part of the UK iGaming industry because they are a key bulwark against fraudulent and dishonest gambling websites. In this article, we will take a detailed look at testing houses, what exactly it is that they do and why they are so important.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the many function of a test house…

What Do Test Houses Do? 

In the UK iGaming industry, test houses carry out a range of important jobs. All new iGaming sites must go through a testing process before they are allowed to open up to the public for business.

In fact, test houses are approved to test compliance against UK requirements and technical standards including gaming machines technical standards, remote gambling and software technical standards and bingo and casino technical requirements.

Perhaps the core function of a test house in the UK iGaming industry is to analyse games to ensure that they’re truly random. This is done via a wide range of tests carried out over a period of time by the test house. If the tests reach a positive conclusion, the test house can then inform the public that a given casino game is honest and fit for play.

Essentially, a test house’s core function is to help to ensure that the UK gambling scene is safe for all players. As a result, test houses must be fully approved by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).

The Main Test Houses

As mentioned, only those test houses approved by the UKGC can legally carry out tests on iGaming software.

Some of the most esteemed testing houses are eCOGRA, TST, GLI and iTech Labs. Let’s take a more in depth look at these four top test houses operating in the UK iGaming industry.

We begin with eCOGRA, a top test house that was established in 2003 and is based in the United Kingdom. On top of this, eCOGRA is a top independent and globally esteemed testing agency, focused on the verification of online gaming software and systems.

The brand’s games testers and data analysts are trained to a high level and focus on the topic of online gaming and other cutting-edge systems and technologies. They can make game evaluations both onsite and offsite.

The company’s work generally looks at policy ideas like the safeguarding of vulnerable customers, the stamping out of underage gambling, fighting dishonest and criminal activity, safeguarding of customer privacy and protection of information, quick and smart customer payment, legitimate gaming, good marketing, commitment to player satisfaction and support. On top of this, they look to provide a highly secure, safe and reliable operating environment in general.

The second test house we will look at is Technical Systems Testing (TST), which has been based in Alderney since 2002. With so many years of experience, it is not surprising to hear that TST is one of the nation’s most trusted iGaming test houses.

TST focuses on reaching full compliance with the law as rapidly and efficiently as possible while creating strong bonds between the Regulator, Operator, Software Provider and Testing Laboratory that ensure the requirements and goals of all stakeholders involved are met or surpassed. The company continually reviews methods to make sure that the quality, credibility, and reliability of their testing is kept strong and constantly improved upon.

Next on our list is Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), who look to offer world-class testing, certification and methods to the iGaming industry in the UK and beyond. GLI is all about independence and integrity in every aspect of their work.

GLI counts regulators, suppliers and operators in jurisdictions all over the world among their clients, with more than 475 outfits using their services in total. GLI want to certify the quality of the UK iGaming industry. Having been in operation for 30 years, regulators, suppliers and operators across the UK view GLI as a shining light.

GLI has created a top team of workers to test and certify equipment, including mathematicians, hardware and software engineers, compliance engineers, system and communication engineers, high-tech engineers and quality assurance specialists.

These fully trained specialists offer a calibre of knowledge that is rarely met. GLI’s laboratories are located all over the world and the company has international accreditations for total compliance with the law.

Finally, let’s take a look at iTech Labs, a test house that is a global leader in testing and certification for iGaming systems that’s been around since 2004. The iTech Labs staff are fully trained to make testing and test results that are thoroughly performed and documented. Again, this company is a truly first-rate test house with a stellar reputation both in the UK and beyond.

Our Commitment to Fair Gaming 

At, we promise to only ever recommend bingo sites that have been fully tested and which are approved by the UKGC. As a result, all games that we recommend will be totally fair and secure.

For us, the safety and satisfaction of our readers is paramount and so providing information only on those bingo sites that have been thoroughly tested is integral to the services we provide.


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How fair are casino games?” style=”fancy”]All companies that we list here and recommend to our readers is fully approved and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that the sites listed here are frequently trialled and studied by test house partners, so all games that we suggest are honest. A good rule to follow with iGaming software is that if they have been certified by the UKGC, then their games will be fair.

How can I tell if a site is test house-approved?” style=”fancy”]In order to tell if a site has been tested by a legitimate test house, you can simply look for the logo of a test house or the UKGC logo anywhere on the website. If you can see one of these, then the site is safe, secure and honest.

Are there illegitimate test houses? ” style=”fancy”]It is safe to say that, because of their financial independence, the vast majority of test houses are bulletproof when it comes to taking bribes. Nonetheless, it makes a lot of sense to research the testing house used by your chosen bingo site before signing up.

What is the best test house?” style=”fancy”]Although this is a subjective question, it is widely accepted that world’s most esteemed test house is eCOGRA. With plenty of awards and recognition across the industry, this company continues to provide the gold standard in iGaming testing. With that said, all four  of the major test houses listed above are first-class in their field.

Can I complain if I think that a game is unfair?” style=”fancy”]Absolutely. The best way to go about lodging a complaint about an unfair game is to file your issue with the relevant regulating body. For example, if your problem regards a bingo site located in the UK, you can lodge a complaint with the UKGC.