At, we want to remind and reassure all our visitors that we are fully compliant with ASA and UKGC regulations.

On this page, we will provide a comprehensive picture of our commitment to all laws, regulations, codes and guidelines including:

When it comes to strictly following these guidelines, make sure to adhere to the policies shown below when it comes to promoting our offers.


Terms & Conditions

At, we make sure that all bonuses and promotions on our site are not misleading in any facet either intentionally or through leaving out key material information such as important terms & conditions.

Such significant terms include:

  • Eligibility restrictions
  • Deposit requirements
  • Wagering requirements
  • Restricted odds / games
  • Withdrawal limits

Without exception, every offer featured on the website includes the following default disclaimer: “New Customer Offer. T&C’s Apply. 18+. Please Gamble Responsibly.”

Sometimes this disclaimer is changed to one that is more specific to the terms and conditions of a particular offer provided by an affiliate of ours, always with a link. This makes sure that that maintains the regulatory requirements that significant terms are merely a click away for user convenience.


Emails keeps a secure collection of all member emails for those members who have had signed-up and selected that they want to get special offers, and secondly who have confirmed their email address before we send any kind of content.

When we send email offers, we always:

  • Make sure appears in the “From” field, so the person is aware that the offer comes from us, and not the operator(s) being shown.
  • Make sure our logo sits at the head of the email, ensuring the person is aware that the email came from us, and not the operator(s) being shown.
  • Have an ‘Unsubscribe’ link which can be activated with one click.
  • Have a part that shows the recipient why they’re getting the message and a cue to show just where they opted-in.


Advertising Banners do not have any banners on our website, so operators do not have to be concerned about dated banners because we choose not to feature them.

Most of the images shown on are logos and do not have any reference to offers.


Social Media do not carry out any monetised advertising on social media for any company. As a result, operators don’t have to be concerned regarding our compliance in this respect.

Usually, we will use social media to show you changes across the industry and to share those articles that we think might be of relevance to you. We want to act as something of an authority in the online bingo world and we see that there is much more included in the online bingo decision-making situation, when selecting a bingo site, than simply special offers and promotions.


Push Notifications sometimes give web push notifications to those members who have chosen to receive these using internet browsers.

Those push notifications which we do choose to send will include our logo and URL to make sure that we make it crystal clear that this was sent by and no other operator mentioned.

Those push notifications sent by us for an operator will have to receive final confirmation from the company before we send anything. As a result of the small size of this type of notification, it is key that the landing page shows full terms and conditions for any offer being mentioned or we will not employ it.


Other Types of Promotion do not use these promotions or marketing channels:


  • SMS marketing
  • Pop unders
  • Media buying (other than fornet)
  • Buying ads via a programmatic ad-exchange
  • Challenge / tipping style pages


Responsible Gambling has been promoting Responsible Gambling since the beginning. We have links to GamCare on every page, as well as a dedicated Responsible Gambling page to help those who think they or somebody they know if struggling with gambling problems.

At Bingo Sites, we take responsible gambling very seriously and are fully supportive of anyone seeking help whether this be for yourself or someone that you know. As a result, we provide and dedicate an entire page to responsible gambling.

This includes how to see a gambling issue, what to do if you see that you or someone you know has a gambling issue, what issues to look for to see a gambling problem, how to tackle the gambling issue and also the sources that you can employ with full contact details and information regarding just what these organisations do to aid you.

We also know that problem gambling can be a tough topic to tackle and that folks do not like to say when they have an issue. Nor do they usually want to be identified. Therefore, we will not contact you via any single communication method with regard to information about responsible gambling. This will help you to remain anonymous and to get help with the privacy that you deserve.

If you or anyone that you know feels like you have a gambling problem we advise you to seek immediate help, whether by telling someone or contacting one of the above organisations.



To reiterate, at, we promise to remain fully compliant with all ASA and UKGC regulations at all times.

We believe that, on this page, we have offered a full rundown of our constant adherence to all laws, regulations, codes and guidelines put in place by the relevant bodies.