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The exponential growth of online bingo has breathed new life into one of the world’s favourite pastimes, and created a scenario where new players are being drawn to a variety of platforms across the globe. New players are  finding themselves drawn to their local bingo halls to experience traditional bingo after the likes of mobile and online are becoming more and more accessible, teaching them the basics of bingo and welcoming a totally new audience.

The energy and enthusiasm that now engulfs bingo has recently manifested itself in even more alternative variations of the game however, with the innovative ‘Republican debate Bingo’ currently going viral on the Internet. With the U.S. election set for 2016, this level of popularity will only growth further in the next 12 months.

Republican Debate Bingo and other Interesting Formats

At present, at least 12 different news outlets are offering Bingo cards for the debate, with options ranging from interactive online variations to DIY, print, and home style products. Each card has its own topics for debate included, and while this may seem entirely unique it is in fact the latest bingo format to transcend the game and fuse different mediums in a fun and engaging way.

Bingo was also incorporated into Jon Stewart’s final stint as the host of the iconic The Daily Show, as the now legendary comic retires after 16 successful years.  As a way of commemorating the occasion, the producers created a Daily Show Bingo card that enables players to interact with the program from their home. Featuring classic moments from the show and some of Stewart’s most famous interviews, players could cover the squares as the show commenced and share in some wondrous moments from more than a decade of entertainment.


How Bingo has broken down the Boundaries of Popular Culture

These variations now only underline the popularity of bingo, but they also showcase how the game has broken down the boundaries of popular culture in the last decade. This is also evident in the world of television, where popular shows such as the UK’s ‘Deal or no Deal’ and the global sensation ‘Game of Thrones’ have spawned thrilling bingo variation. So even though the fifth series of the latter show has met with a mixed critical response, its decision to publish character-driven bingo cards for the recent premiere generated huge interest among fans.

These examples show just how popular bingo is in 2015, both as an online sensation and a traditional parlour game. Its ability to transcend its own genre and merge with other cultural components also augers well for its future, as it continues to win new fans and target fresh demographics around the world. More than any other game from the last 50 years, bingo has the chance to become even more popular in an increasingly digital and computerised world.

Last updated: Feb 9, 2023

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