Is Online Bingo an Environmentally Friendly Alternative?


No matter what market or industry you are interested in, you cannot escape the importance of environmental awareness. From business-backed social responsibility principles to an increasingly wise and motivated consumer base, there is a growing drive to back eco-friendly and sustainable products that do not harm the natural environment. The bingo sector is no exception to this rule, with traditional firms having to adapt to compete with seemingly less wasteful online sites.

How Online Bingo is Driving Change in the Industry

The rise of online bingo (which instantly negates the use of game cards and fuel emissions from players travelling to venues) has already begun to drive change in the sector, with even established firms looking to create more sustainable practices and waste management techniques. At the head of this drive is the use of environmentally friendly bingo books and game cards, which are recyclable and will reduce waste in all outlets nationwide in the UK.

It has achieved this by partnering with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which produces and manufacturers Eco-friendly paper and card. This has instantly helped to reduce the firm’s carbon emission levels, and is the first step towards aligning traditional bingo with the more flexible online alternative. While the majority of firms in multiple sectors have been forced to invest in creating more sustainable measures in the wake of pressure from consumers, it is unlikely that offline bingo outlets would have been quick to follow suit were it not for the competition that exists online.

Now and in the Future: What we can expect from Off and Online Bingo brands?


Of course, it is important to note that many of the market leading bingo firms have both off and online outlets, so the decision to reduce waste and drive efficiency will also help to create a balance between the appeal of the two mediums. This will increase interest and profitability, while also creating a generation of thoughtful players who are content to play through multiple channels.

As traditional outlets reduce the use of paper and wastage across the UK, we can expect to see the number of bingo players nationwide (currently estimated at three million) to rise sharply. It should be hoped that higher revenues and profits will encourage firms to invest in even more eco-friendly initiatives, and this is something that we can all look forward to in the future.

Last updated: Feb 9, 2023

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