90 Ball Bingo Guide

In the UK, and across the world, one of the most popular bingo variants is 90 ball bingo. Not only has it become a firm favourite online but it is also one of the most played games in land-based bingo halls across the country. The rules are simple and the gameplay is exciting with three prizes up for grabs!

Are you ready to learn more about 90 ball bingo? Then you’ve come to the right place as here at BingoSites.net, we’re taking you through everything you need to know about this thrilling bingo game including how to play, winning combinations, prizes and more.

90 Ball Bingo Card Layout

The first part of the 90 ball bingo game that you need to understand is the card layout. When you get bingo cards for this game, they will be laid out on a 3x9 grid. There are 9 boxes on every line and there are 5 numbers on each line. The remaining 4 spaces will be blank and in most games of bingo, players will be dealt a strip with six tickets.

In each column, you will find the following numbers:

  •         Column 1 – 1 to 9
  •         Column 2 – 10 to 19
  •         Column 3 – 20 to 29
  •         Column 4 – 30 to 39
  •         Column 5 – 40 to 49
  •         Column 6 – 50 to 59
  •         Column 7 – 60 to 69
  •         Column 8 – 70 to 79
  •         Column 9 – 80 to 90

Knowing the columns and the numbers they contain is important as it will help players keep track of the numbers being ticked off. Luckily, when playing online bingo, the numbers will be marked off automatically and so it won’t matter too much if you fall behind a little.

How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

Once you have your bingo tickets and you understand how the grid works, it’s time to get started playing! 90 ball bingo has, you guessed it, 90 numbers in it and the online bingo software will randomly call out numbers. Each number is called out and then marked off your bingo ticket automatically. Players do also have the option to do this manually but most are happy with the automatic system as it means you won’t miss out on any numbers as they are only called out once.

Three Chances to Win at 90 Ball Bingo

Once the game gets going, players will have, in total, 3 chances to win. That means for every game that is played, there will be 3 winners. Here are the 3 winning opportunities available in this game:

  1.       1 line – To win 1 line, all of the numbers on a single row must be crossed off and this can be any line on your ticket.
  2.       2 line – To win 2 lines, all of the numbers on 2 rows out of 3 must be crossed off on your ticket.
  3.       Full house – Lastly, if you are lucky enough to cross off all 3 lines on a ticket, then you’ll have won the full house. This will be, in the vast majority of games, the biggest prize up for grabs within the game.

What many players enjoy about playing 90 ball bingo online, is that they don’t have to shout bingo when they get a full house. Instead, the winnings will automatically be allocated to you. When all three winners have claimed their prizes, the game ends and your bingo ticket strip is removed. You then have the option to either finish playing or you can get a new set of bingo tickets and get ready to start the next game.

How Much Can I Win Playing 90 Ball Bingo?

How much players can win playing 90 ball bingo varies from game to game as no two are the same. However, a general rule is that the higher the ticket price is, the bigger the prize fund is. Players shouldn’t expect to win as much playing a penny game compared to a higher priced ticket game.

Another factor that can affect the prize fund of a game is the number of players in the room. The more players there are, generally the higher the jackpot will be as there are more people contributing. When you are looking for a bingo room to play in online, you will find that most operators will have a minimum prize money amount for each game, so you know the minimum amount that you can potentially win from it. Games that have higher ticket price points can potentially award thousands of pounds in their jackpot prizes.

Different Jackpots in 90 Ball Bingo Games

In 90 ball bingo games, there are a variety of jackpots up for grabs and this can also influence how big the prize fund is for the winning player. Here are some of the different jackpots that can be won playing 90 ball bingo.

  •         Multiple winners – when playing 90 ball bingo, there are multiple winners throughout the game for one line, two lines and a full house. The jackpot prize will be shared amongst these players and the winner of the full house will get the largest portion of the prize pot. Then the two line winner will get their chunk and the one line winner will get the smallest part of the prize fund. This is one of the main differences between 90 ball and 75 ball bingo as 75 ball bingo usually has just one jackpot prize.
  •         2TG and 1TG – some 90 ball games will advertise that they offer prizes to players who have just one or two numbers left to go to get a full house and this will be a smaller prize than the full house winner.
  •         Community jackpot – the community jackpot is shared out amongst more players. In this 90 ball game, the full house winner will get a pre-determined percentage of the jackpot and then the remainder of the prize fund will be shared out amongst the other players in the game who have purchased tickets. These games are also often networked bingo games which means there are more players involved across multiple sites.

Top Tips Playing 90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo is a game of luck but there are still strategies that you can implement which can help you get those wins that you are after. Here are some of our top tips that you can implement during your gameplay that could potentially help you win games.

Play Off-Peak

90 ball bingo rooms can be very busy as this is one of the most popular bingo games found anywhere online. The more players that there are in a room, the less likely you are to win the prize pot as this will decrease your odds. There is peak and off peak hours of gameplay online and so to increase your chances you can play off peak and games with quieter rooms as this will increase your odds. Keep an eye on the bingo rooms at the site you’re playing at as this will give you the best idea of which rooms to play in and when the site is the busiest.

Play Cheaper Games

For those who are playing on a smaller budget, the best way to increase your chances of winning is to get as much as you can for your money. It’s best to play more bingo games with cheaper tickets than to play bigger jackpot games with high ticket prices, as the lower games will be more in your favour with the extra tickets you can purchase.

Buy More Than One Card

Following on from the last point, whether you are playing a cheaper ticket game or a higher priced ticket game, the more bingo tickets you can buy, the better. Having more bingo cards automatically increases your chances of winning as you’ll have more numbers to tick off. The main thing to remember here is your budget as you need to make sure that you are sticking to it and not buying more tickets than your budget allows.

Be Rules Savvy

Most 90 ball bingo games are played in exactly the same way and so if you know the rules for the game, which we have described above, this will help you navigate the game better. The more at ease you are with the game, the less likely you are to make mistakes that can result in a loss of prize money. It will also help you to make better decisions and give you confidence when playing.

Find Special Promotions

A great way to increase your chances of winning is to find special offers from your bingo site. This could be free tickets to games, two for the price of one tickets and more. This is a fantastic way to help boost your chances, especially if you are on a budget.



Now you know everything there is to know about 90 ball bingo, it’s time to get started playing! At BingoSites.net, we recommend the best online bingo sites that feature a variety of 90 ball bingo games. Check out these reviews before making your decision and sign up to play today!