At, we want to bring you the best bingo site experience possible. As a result, we review only the very best bingo sites around and on this page we will explain exactly how we rate them!

In this article, we will take a look at the exact method we use to review bingo sites as well as the way in which we maintain our reviews. We will take a quick look at review impartiality and authorship before finishing with a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we get asked.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the criteria we look at for our online bingo site reviews.

The Criteria We Look At

During our bingo site reviews, we take a wide variety of variables into account. Not only do we dive deep into security issues and any bonuses provided by a given site yet we also assess the breadth of games on offer in addition to any customer support supplied, deposit and withdrawal options, mobile gaming and even popularity among players.

Clearly, we offer the most thorough reviews of bingo sites around and we take the security of each site extremely seriously. Yet what exactly do we mean when we say security? Well, the security of any bingo site rests upon whether or not it has been certified by the relevant gambling commission. In the UK, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is responsible for certifying all sites offering gambling services online. In each of our reviews, we make sure to explicitly mentioned which commission, if any, has verified a given bingo site.

When it comes to bonuses we make sure to provide you with the most up to date information on promotions and offers being provided by any given bingo site. Whether it’s free games or any other kind of special bingo offer, we will be totally certain to provide a thorough run down of the positives and negative that characterise each offer!

Third, we take a strong look at the games on offer at each bingo site we review. If a site has a huge range of options, we will be sure to let you know! Likewise, if there appears to be a dearth of offerings at a particular bingo site, we will never shy away from providing you an honest opinion to that effect.

Another key element of any online bingo site is the level of customer support provided. In this modern age where we are all connected at seemingly every moment, a customer support set up that allows players to get the help they need from anywhere and at any time is essential! In our reviews, we will assess whether or not a given bingo site provides quality customer support by looking at the methods available, opening times and whether they are available via mobile.

When it comes to banking at an online bingo site, our reviews take a serious look at the deposit and withdrawals process to help you make an informed decision about which you choose to play at! From the breadth of deposit and withdrawal options on offer to the speed of transactions, we always offer a deep dive into every element of online banking at a bingo site.

Mobile accessibility is a key element of any bingo site these days, so it’s only right that our bingo site reviews take this very seriously. In our reviews, we take a long hard look at all things mobile before providing you with an honest opinion about the site’s capabilities on mobile devices of all kinds.

The final yet perhaps most important element that we assess when it comes to our bingo site reviews is the popularity of a given site with players across the internet.

Ongoing Review Maintenance

At, we frequently update all reviews, ensuring that all information is up to date and always correct. As a result, our site is always current and relevant for bingo players of every type!

Certainly, bingo sites can move up in our estimation, or they can move down, depending on the changes they make. What never changes however is our total honesty and sincerity in every single bingo site we review.

What We Don’t Do

At, we maintain total independence from sites and will never, ever be pressured into giving favourable or unfavourable reviews.

We promise to you that we will never provide a dishonest bingo site review, so you can trust every bit of information you find here!

Who Writes Our Reviews?

All our reviews are written by experienced and knowledgeable online bingo players. Online bingo sites have no input into what our reviews say, so you know everything that you read here is totally reliable.



Are all reviews completely impartial?” style=”fancy”]Yes. All of our reviews are composed by expert online bingo players. Online bingo sites have no say in our content, so all reviews at are entirely trustworthy.

Can you review my online bingo site?” style=”fancy”]Online bingo sites will never influence our reviews because all content at are fully independent. With that said, we may choose to review your bingo site if we deem it to be worthy by our very high standards.

I’ve found something incorrect, what should I do?” style=”fancy”]We would be happy to take a look at any issues that you may have with Simply shoot us an email and we will take any and all suggestions seriously!

How do you review a bingo site?” style=”fancy”]At, we take into account a wide range of variables when reviewing a given bingo site. These include elements such as security, bonuses, breadth of games on offer, customer support, deposit and withdrawal options, mobile gaming and also popularity among players.

Are old reviews still accurate and relevant?” style=”fancy”]We strive to keep our reviews as up to date as possible, constantly refreshing and renewing the information in them. If you find that some of the information in any of our reviews is inaccurate or irrelevant, please do get in touch and we will be happy to take a look!