Guide to Slingo Bingo

This is a game which, unknown to many, has actually been around since 1996 when it was created in New Jersey by two entrepreneurs by the name of Dave Lyons (a real estate developer) and Sal Falciglia. They founded the company Slingo Inc and have not looked back since. The game itself was launched on the AOL platform and became highly popular with players when they realised how easy the game was to understand which made it particularly appealing.

What is Slingo Bingo?

What is Slingo Bingo

This is a game which combines many different aspects of the 75-ball bingo (which was popular in the United States) with some typical features of a classic slot machine. The principal game essentially is presented as a 5x5 grid, while it has the game’s slot reels directly under it on the screen.

In terms of the dynamics of the game, players can relate it to a traditional game of bingo and as such the screen that a player will have in front of them resembles a layout that is almost identical to a card that you would usually be issued in a game of bingo.

When the action begins, players will find that there is a solitary space on every slot machine reel on the row, and this remains visible throughout the game at the bottom of the gameplay screen.

Initially, though, Slingo bingo was brought out as a fun, free to play game, however as it increased considerably in popularity over the years, the founders launched a real money version. The reason why it is so popular is because it provides a highly stimulating environment for the player which combines the best of both options; bingo and slots which gives it a unique differentiation in the marketplace. You can view our list of the best Slingo sites for UK players.

How do you play Slingo Bingo?

One of the best things about this game is that it is easy to learn which means that in no time at all, you will be really acquainted with the mechanics of it and as a result, feel confident about wagering money on it.

In order to begin the game, what is required is for you to start spinning the slot reels below your bingo grid and then checking whether any of the results match with any of the numbers that are on your grid. If they are then these numbers will be checked off and then you can spin again. It is essentially the same process as checking your bingo card when numbers are called out in the traditional game of bingo.

In addition to the Slingo numbers, you will find that your reels will also display a certain number of extra symbols while the game is in progress. The reason why it is important to look out for these special Slingo symbols is that they can contribute to you winning considerable prizes as well as various bonuses that you are able to use in the game. The symbols that you should be watching out for will typically be the joker, a gold coin, a super joker and free spins.

Once you have wagered your stake to start the game, you will also be issued with a fixed number of free spins, which have to be used within a set time limit. When playing the game of Slingo, you will also come across the opportunity to win further free spins, while it is also possible to buy more spins to try to increase your chances of winning. Although it might appear as if the aim of the game is to get numbers ticked off on your card, there is a great deal more to this. You are also required to gather as many points as you possibly can.

How do you get points in Slingo Bingo?

In order to get points, this essentially is down to luck, your appetite to win and your level of risk. What you will find is that the slots used in a Slingo game will award you points for each spin, which depends on how successful these are. Every Slingo slot game will have different types of prizes available to be won and points are awarded to a player for certain actions that are achieved during a game.

These could be for clearing a line (or two or three) of numbers on the bingo card, clearing all of the numbers on the bingo card (getting a ‘full house’), getting certain symbols such as coins as well as spinning multiple jokers or super jokers which can give you a considerable boost.

Explanation of the symbols:

  • Joker: A ‘wildcard’ that is used which ticks off any number on your bingo grid.
  • Super Joker: This is significantly more valuable as you can use this to tick off any number on your bingo grid.
  • Three or more Jokers or Super Jokers: This achievement gets you an instant real money prize.
  • Free Spin Icon: Gives you one free spin.
  • Coin Symbol: This awards you an instant real money prize.

What do you have to do to win Slingo Bingo?

What do you have to do to win Slingo Bingo?

To win at Slingo Bingo, this is basically like any other bingo game in the sense that you are required to get all or as many of the numbers on your bingo card ticked off by spinning the reels, however, the novelty is that you can also win real money prizes during the game. This is arguably one of the selling points to customers who like the variety that comes with it, compared to traditional bingo games.

However, there is a little more to it than ticking off all of the numbers on the bingo card and this is why it is important to be able to accumulate as many points during the game as you possibly can.

This is because in most versions of the game, you will usually get 20 spins to tick off as many numbers as possible. That is why it is so important to be able to get as many special symbols as you can, because these will give you free spins to increase your chances of getting more numbers, while the jokers and super jokers, for example, give you free numbers.

In addition to this, you will also get points, which is crucial. This is because once you get to spin 16 onwards, the remaining spins must be bought using these points, while it is also possible to use any free spins in place of the remaining four. Essentially, it is the player who has the most points who wins the game, if they haven’t got all the numbers, however, this would mean that you will generally have got the most points as well.

How does the point scoring work in Slingo?

In the game of Slingo, points are awarded for many different reasons and certain achievements will get you differing number of points, while you can also lose points during the game as well for getting other symbols, which is part of what makes the game so exciting for those who are fans of it. Let’s take a look at how points are won and lost as well as how many as a general rule.


Bonus points

Marking a number on a board: 200 points

Clearing a line of numbers (horizontally, vertically or diagonally): 1000 points

Getting a coin on a spin: 1000 points

Getting three, four or five jokers on one spin, including super joker: 3 = 1000 points, 4 = 2500 points, 5 = 10000 points

Clearing all of the card: Worked out in proportion to the number of spins that you have left

Spin points

Spins 5 to 12: 11000 points (it is not possible to fill a Slingo card in less than 5 spins unless you have increasing spins freezing)

Spin 13: 10000 points

Spin 14: 9000 points

Spin 15: 8500 points

Spin 16: 9000 points

Spin 17: 7500 points

Spin 18: 7000 points

Spin 19: 6500 points

Spin 20: 6000 points

What you have points deducted for

Hitting a devil symbol: Cuts the points in half

Paying for the last four spins

  • Spin 17: 500 points
  • Spin 18: 1000 points
  • Spin 19: 1500 points
  • Spin 20: 2000 points

As you are able to see, it is in the early rounds where you really want to maximise your chances of winning points, combined with any bonus points that you can accumulate as well, because this can significantly improve your chances of winning. If you get to the last four spins and you are not in a good position because you have landed a couple, or even one devil symbol this can be detrimental to your chances. However, because there are other players in the game as well, if you have landed a devil symbol then they may have also. Ultimately, the mechanics of the game itself dictate that it is all about luck which means that anything can happen.

Is Slingo Bingo fair?

Is Slingo Bingo fair?

Because Slingo combines bingo and slots online and due to the fact that both of these games are completely based on luck anyway, it means that in short, Slingo Bingo is fair.

The reason for this is that both of these games individually use what is called an RNG (Random Number Generator), which means that they have been designed with a unique algorithm which does not have any kind of bias with regards to the results.

In bingo, depending on which version you play though, there are only so many different possibilities in terms of the numbers that can be drawn, though there is no particular leaning one way or the other with regards to which number comes out next.

With slots, there are often thousands of different combinations, which means that the RNG is typically highly sophisticated and as such a player’s chance of winning a huge jackpot on these are considerably low.

The mechanics around the RNG in Slingo Bingo work a bit differently because there are only so many numbers that the slot reels can produce, however, what makes it more exciting is the fact that they can also give players bonus symbols as well.


Strategies that players can apply to Slingo Bingo

When playing Slingo Bingo, there are various strategies that players can apply to it in an attempt to try and give them an edge. While it must be emphasised that the game is all about luck, these strategies for some do prove successful, so let’s take a look at which ones are most commonly used in an attempt to try and give players an advantage in the game.


Choose the time of day wisely

This refers to the fact that if you are playing a Slingo Bingo game, there will be certain times of the day when there are less players participating in them, which means that this will considerably increase your chances of winning. As such, playing late on a night could mean there is less competition that you are going up against and this can stand you in good stead, especially if the bonus rounds are favourable to you as well. Simply put, the more people that you are going up against, will, by the law of averages decrease your chances of being able to win the game.


Analyse your situation

If you have got to spin 16 and you only have one or two numbers left, you need to make a decision about whether or not to buy more spins. The chances are that the odds will be in your favour to win, especially when it comes to the potential return on investment. For example, if purchasing more spins cost the equivalent of £1 and you have the chance to win £30 while only having one or two numbers left then you could possibly say that it is worth the risk.

However, this could also go the other way and work against you, particularly if you land on a symbol that gets you points deducted, with point accumulation also being a key objective in the game as well. Ultimately, it is all about being able to understand the situation you are in with regards to the gameplay.


Learn the rules

Although the game is relatively simple to pick up, it is always worth making sure that you know the rules, especially those which revolve around the bonus symbols and what you get points for. Also, it is worth getting to know the game of bingo as well because this can give you a foundation of knowledge for this as well as how the grids are laid out. In addition, getting to know how slots work can also help to give you a good idea of how the game functions, which means you will then have a more comprehensive understanding of the rules.


Have a bankroll

Of particular importance is the ability to be able to stay disciplined. In this sense, it means setting a sensible bankroll and sticking to it because some players often get too drawn in and end up depositing more than they had initially planned to. If you do win then that’s great - if you especially enjoy playing the game, you could use those winnings for your bankroll the next time you play, which means that you are staking pure profit.

Know when to walk away

Sometimes, no matter how much you play the numbers just do not go in your favour and quite often players will continue playing, convinced that their luck will change at some point. This can be dangerous as you will end up spending considerably over your bankroll and it could lead to serious issues such as problem gambling. By limiting yourself to one or two games each time that you log on, knowing that you might not win is a good plan to follow.


Chat to fellow players

If you are new, this could be especially good advice. Most games will have chat rooms that you can participate in where you can essentially socialise with other players. In doing this, it may give you a feel for how the game works, while if you follow conversations between other players you will be able to see how good others are doing as well.

All chat rooms are monitored by hosts who moderate the behaviour from others, so you do not have to worry about being subjected to any negative comments either. More often than not, other players simply cannot help talking about how they play and what tactics they use, because they like to think that they are right so this could be a good way to find out which ones work and those that do not.

Device compatibility

As with the majority of online gambling games, Slingo has been created for a number of devices, especially as the game has been around since the mid nineties and was essentially created for the computer. This means that naturally as technology has progressed and developed, the game has become more and more sophisticated and moved with the rest of the industry.

Just like with slots and bingo, it is possible to play Slingo across both mobile and tablet, in addition to desktop. Available both on Android and iOS, the game invariably performs well on both and is arguably a lot more functional on either a smartphone or tablet, especially in terms of the graphic quality.

The benefits of playing using a handheld device mean that you can play the game from the comfort of your own surroundings, however, it is highly recommended that you make sure that the WiFi connection is stable.

What does the future hold for Slingo Bingo?

Having been around since the mid nineties, growing significantly in popularity ever since, it is fair to say that the game has a strong following. With more and more bingo sites UK being established every year with a multitude of different games, the future for Slingo Bingo looks particularly promising.

In addition as technology continues to take sophisticated strides forward, this means that how the game is played in the future could become even more exciting, offering players the chance to utilise new tools, such as playing in 3D or virtual reality. As more new markets open up across the world as well, the game has the opportunity to attract even more players which means that there could be higher jackpots and more players to play against.

Final thoughts about Slingo Bingo

If you are looking for something which has a bit more differentiation and excitement than bingo then this could be the game that you have been trying to find. This is because, compared to bingo, this actually does make you think and strategise, especially when you get to the remaining four spins, because you have to decide how to play them.

The fact that you can also lose points as well adds a level of danger (adrenaline) which also helps to contribute to the excitement, due to the unpredictable nature. One minute, you could be way out in front on points and the next two spins could split your points in half twice (if you are really unlucky), while you are playing knowing that this could happen to fellow players as well.

While we definitely recommend that you try it, we also highly advise that you read up and get to fully understand the rules first, because if you do not know what you are doing then this could be costly to your bankroll. If you or someone you know are potentially playing too much, then you may have a slight addiction which means it might be worth taking a step back and not playing as regularly.

However, there are also organisations that you can contact for advice as well, such as BeGambleAware who can guide you through the relevant steps that you might need to take. Ultimately though, never gamble with more than you can afford to lose and certainly do not play this game as a method of trying to make money.