Conan O’Brien’s Secret Bingo Party: Comic Con’s Secret Event

As ever, this years’ Comic Con drew an eclectic and colourful audience, each of whom were bound by an innate passion for comic books and the characters and star in them. Over the years, however, the event has diversified to other alternative entertainment options for visitors, extending the appeal of Comic Con and helping it to transcend the comic book sector. Even the classic game of bingo made an appearance this year, in the form of a raucous tournament designed to create an impact.

Conan O’Brien’s Secret Bingo Party


Of course, those who are familiar with modern bingo will know that the game has developed a number of fun and innovation variations during the last decade. This has coincided with the emergence of online bingo as a popular pastime, prompting traditional halls and outlets to offer more unique and fun experiences to players. British players will be familiar with the type of fast-paced and hedonistic bingo parties that are held in London, which enable the game to be played against the backdrop of music, drinks, and variety entertainment at its finest.

This was also present at Comic Con, as renowned talk show host Conan O’Brien arrived to kick-off an upbeat and decidedly covert bingo tournament at the beginning of the four-day pop-culture phenomenon. O’Brien, who was in town to record his TBS talk show, took the opportunity to promote his work while also interacting with rowdy players in his own, inimitable manner. Fans were surprised and delighted in equal measure to see the television star, while many claimed that his mere presence elevated the experience into something incredible.

What Does the Comic Con Party and O’Brien’s Participation Say About Bingo?

This hedonistic and at times wild affair was quite a sight to behold, with the drinks flowing and a host of back-up dancers ensuring that the evening went with a swing. Even O’Brien, who watched an high octane introduction featuring dance-off competitions and an expletive-laden karaoke tournament backstage, was taken aback by the scope and excess of the event as a whole.

The mere presence of bingo at Comic Con, alongside a number of other celebrities who love bingo, underlines just how far the game has come, as it continues to transcend its own market and become a much-loved feature of popular-culture. O’Brien’s own involvement also provides the kind of celebrity endorsement that defines the modern game, while also offering another dimension and popularizing the pastime across a wider demographic.

Last updated: Feb 9, 2023

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