The Ultimate Guide to Online Bingo Games

If you love to play at bingo halls, you may already be familiar with a range of bingo games. However, for those who are completely new to playing online bingo, it can be overwhelming the sheer number of bingo variations available.

From the classic 90 ball bingo games to the more unusual 30 ball bingo, there are so many to choose. What we love about bingo is how simple the game is to follow and most of these games will have similar rules, but there will be some differences between each that is important to know before you get started playing.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at each of these bingo variants and how to play them, so you can confidently go to your favourite online bingo site and enjoy the full range of games that they have to offer! Let’s start off with some of the most popular and common games found at online bingo sites, before moving on to some of the games you may not be as familiar with.

90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo

The most popular bingo game you will find when playing both online and in a physical bingo hall in the UK is 90 ball bingo. This game is super simple to follow and play and players will pick up the rules in no time at all.

After you buy the bingo tickets, you will notice that they are laid out in 3 rows with nine vertical columns. There are 90 balls in this game which are called out by a random number generator when played online. Each line will contain 5 numbers and the aim of the game is to mark off these horizontal rows. Usually in this game, the first prize is awarded to the player who marks off all numbers in 1 line and the second prize is for 2 lines. Finally, the person to mark off all numbers of a bingo card will win the full house prize.

This game is a great option for any players who have played at a bingo hall before as you will get a firm grasp of the game quickly. This is a bingo game that never gets dull for players and there is always some fantastic big cash prizes up for grabs which, of course, makes it even more attractive to play.

75 Ball Bingo

The second most popular bingo game on the market is 75 ball bingo. This is the game most commonly found if you are playing in the United States and is their standard game, compared to the UK’s 90 ball bingo. There are always lots of games with this bingo variation at online bingo sites and it has become a very well-known game over here too now.

In this game, there are 75 balls called out by a random number generator. The cards are presented differently to 90 ball as they are made up of 25 spaces on a 5x5 grid. The centre space is always a free square with no number.

What makes this game different to 90 ball bingo is that you are not playing to mark off numbers on a line to eventually get a full house. Instead, in this game you will be aiming to mark off the number in a specific pattern that is conveyed at the start of the game. Each game will have a different win pattern which can make this game a lot more exciting for players that the standard 90 ball bingo. Luckily, when playing online, the numbers are marked off your card automatically so you won’t miss out on a winning pattern.

80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo is not as commonly played as 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, but more and more people are opting for this game as it is lots of fun and offers something a little bit different. This game is quite similar to the format of 75 ball bingo, with just a few small differences.

The bingo tickets in 80 ball bingo have a 4x4 grid format and each vertical column is a different colour. There are 80 balls that can be called out in this game, but instead of trying to get a line, you’ll be aiming for patterns like 75 ball bingo. This can be a line that is horizontal, vertical or even diagonal, which means more opportunities to win. You’ll also be competing to get a full house.

Again, the pattern you are playing for will be shown at the start of the game, however, as the numbers are marked off automatically, it is not the end of the world if you miss it.

30 Ball Bingo

30 ball bingo is a newer game but is quickly proving to be very popular. This game is also known as speed bingo and is the perfect game if you are looking to shake up the usual 90 ball game.

In this game, you’ll be presented with 9 squares, each on a 3x3 grid. While 75 ball bingo has a free space in the centre of the ticket, this is not the case with 30 ball bingo and all spaces have a number. Each card has random numbers from 1 to 30 and the aim of the game is simply to mark off every number to achieve a full house. While there are some bingo sites that will ask you to complete a pattern first, others will go directly to a full house. This is due to the fact that there are only 30 balls to call out.

As this game only has 30 balls, it plays extremely quickly and this is why it is known as speed bingo. Anyone who is looking for a fast game and is limited on time will love this bingo variation and it will be the perfect game for them. Players also love that they can get through even more games of bingo with this faster speed and that it is a simple, easy to follow game which you can enjoy whilst talking in the chat rooms at the same time.

50 Ball Bingo

Another game to hit the online bingo world in recent years is 50 ball bingo. You won’t find this game on every site, but more and more are providing it as an option as it grows in popularity.

This game is very fast, similar to 30 ball bingo, as there are not as many numbers on your bingo cards as other games. There are 50 balls that can be called out in this game and on your 5 tickets there will be 10 random numbers on each. The aim of the game is to mark off 1 line, then you will be playing for a full house, giving you 2 chances to win each time.

Although this game is comparable to 30 ball bingo for its speed, in terms of gameplay it is more comparable to the traditional 90 ball bingo game. So, if you want to play the classic game but in a quicker fashion, then this will be the right game for you.

52 Ball Bingo

52 Ball Bingo offers something a little different in the online bingo space as it uses a deck of cards rather than bingo balls. This game is also known as Flash Fives and you will find it selected online bingo sites. It is known as 52 ball bingo, even though there are no balls, because there are 52 cards in a deck.

You will be dealt a hand of cards and these 5 cards equal 1 ticket. The game then begins and a card will be dealt from the playing deck. Players who have this card will then have it covered by a casino chip and this carries on until 1 player covers all 5 of their cards. The winner will get the prize fund or if there are multiple winners, the prize will be shared amongst them.

In this game, prizes are usually lower than other games of bingo. However, it does offer a unique bingo experience, so if you want a fun, speedy game, this is another great option.

5 Line Bingo

5 line bingo is another game that is not as commonly found at online bingo sites, but it is fun and the rules are simple to learn. This game is also known as Swedish Bingo online. The game has 5 lines and there are 75 balls to be called out. However, this game differs from 75 ball bingo as the numbers are laid out in a different order. It is played on a 5x5 grid and the centre space also has a number.

Along the top of each bingo card, you’ll see the word BINGO. Each letter sits on top of one of the 5 columns. Each column will have random numbers within a set range.

  • B – This column has numbers between 1 and 15.
  • I – This column has numbers between 16 and 30.
  • N – This column has numbers between 31 and 45.
  • G – This column has numbers between 46 and 60.
  • O – This column has numbers between 61 and 75.

The aim of 5 line bingo is to mark numbers off the lines. In most games, there are a number of ways to win including marking off lines diagonally, vertically and horizontally.

Progressive Bingo Games

Progressive Bingo

Anyone who is a fan of online gambling will already know about progressive slot games and progressive bingo works in a similar way. This is essentially just your standard bingo game, however, the main difference is that the jackpot is a progressive jackpot prize that gets bigger over time.

In these games, you’ll be playing for a full house and if you do this within a set number of bingo balls called, you can win the progressive jackpot prize. If there is no winner of the progressive jackpot, this jackpot is rolled on to the next game and this is how it gets bigger and bigger until finally 1 very lucky player could be looking at winning hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of pounds.

If your main goal is to win a huge prize, then this will be the perfect game for you. However, it should be noted that these games are extremely hard to actually win.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Deal or No Deal was a staple show in every household around the UK for many years and while it may no longer be on the television, there is still a very popular bingo game based on the show available to play online.

This game works in a similar way to the standard 90 ball bingo game, so if you’re looking to spice up the traditional bingo game, this is a great option. Your bingo cards in this game will have 3 rows, 5 numbers on each and there are 9 columns.

What makes this game fun is that before it begins, you will be asked to choose a numbered box. You will then be playing for 1 line, 2 lines and a full house. Plus, in this game you will be trying to win the Deal or No Deal feature which is linked to the numbered box chosen.

If you manage to get a full house, you will then get to play this extra feature. You are given a choice - keep the original jackpot prize or you can choose the amount in the box. It’s a similar chance you are taking to the television show and it can either pay off to award you an even bigger prize, or you may lose cash!

Cash Cubes Bingo

Cash Cubes Bingo is a Playtech powered bingo game and so you will find it at Playtech bingo sites. It was launched in 2016 and is considered to be another form of speed bingo as it has 36 balls. This is an incredibly popular game amongst players as it provides variety in the online bingo world.

What makes this game special is that instead of getting bingo tickets to mark off numbers, you’ll be marking off numbers from your designated cube. The aim of the game is simply to mark off all the numbers across every side of your cube. This game usually costs between 10p and £2 per cube as the price varies between the cubes. The cubes are different colours and the more you pay for your cube, the more you can win in the game jackpot.

Although this may appear confusing, once you get started playing, you will quickly realise how simple it is.



As you can see, there are a plethora of bingo game variations to choose from online, so no matter whether you want to enjoy a standard 90 ball game, spice things up with an 80 ball game or get in a quick game of speed bingo, there is a game for everyone. Now that you know how to play each of them, be sure to check out all these games on your favourite online bingo site.