Online Bingo vs. Brick and Mortar Establishments: Why do the Latter remain Popular?

For those who have fully embraced online bingo, the concept of brick and mortar gameplay may seem completely redundant. After all, why would you pay to travel, socialise and enjoy food and beverages when you can play for gain in the comfort of your own home?

Despite this and the rise of online bingo, however, brick and mortar establishments remain extremely popular. This will surprise many, although perhaps not those who enjoy bingo as more than a part-time money making opportunity.

Why is Offline Bingo still Popular?

If you play bingo solely online, you are most probably motivated by the desire to generate income and win large jackpots. The virtual realm is ideal for this, as players can access their favourite games and apply their strategy without being distracted by social interaction or additional, external factors. There are numerous reasons to play bingo, however, and some of these may not be accessible through the online medium. In this respect, brick and mortar outlets offer far more value to players.

Let’s say that you enjoy playing bingo with a selection of your closest friends and family members, for example. You may well have grown up playing bingo in a number of local halls, and developed some of your most valuable friendships within this type of environment. This means that traditional bingo plays a central role in your social life, and therefore cannot be replaced with virtual gaming alone. For anyone who enjoys the physical interaction and banter that is associated with classic bingo, it is imperative that they play in the company of others.

The Longevity of Brick and Mortar Bingo: Why it will continue for the Foreseeable Future

So long as social interaction continues to underpin traditional bingo, this format of the game will retain a special place in the heart of players. This is especially relevant to older players, who until recently had only ever played at their local hall and remain enduringly comfortable within this environment. Even if a small percentage of these players begin to make a transition to online bingo, they will continue to visit their local bingo hall on a regular basis.
Generational trends change with time, however, meaning that the popularity of bricks and mortar bingo will increasingly come under threat. As the next generation of players emerge and develop an increasingly close affinity with online bingo, traditional gameplay is likely to become moribund.

Last updated: Feb 9, 2023

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