The Craziest Bingo World Records

While we all know that bingo is a fun game, its reputation as a strange and wonderful pastime is equally renowned! At we never cease to be amazed by the weird events that unfold at bingo, not to mention to strange records that are broken and set on a regular basis.
With this in mind, here are some of the zaniest bingo records from around the world! Be prepared to be amazed:

Introducing the World’s Largest Dauber Tower

Doug McManaman is a world record specialist, and one who is constantly looking for new ways to make his mark in the world. Recently he created the world’s largest dauber tower using 82 stacked bingo markers, having being inspired by his love of the game and his fondness of breaking new ground. For those who are interested in beating this record and wish to learn the basic requirements, unaltered plastic markers must be used to construct the tower and it must remain balanced for a minimum period of 10 seconds. One can only imagine how good Mr. McManaman must be at the game of Jenga!

Dauber Tower

Balancing Balls and Overcoming Odds

Mr. McManaman is certainly a talented individual, while his love of bingo clearly knows no bounds. Not content with using bingo markers to craft the world’s tallest dauber tower, he also decided to balance a basket of bingo balls on his chin using an elongated poll! He also managed to establish a new record time; lasting for exactly one minute and 19.4 seconds before the balls came crashing down to earth. While it is hard to see anyone having the desire to break this record any time soon, it shows that Mr. McManaman will stop at nothing to honour his favourite game.

Bingo Ball Balance

Heralding the Largest Ever Game of Bingo

On April 28th in 2012, a record was set for the biggest ever game of competitive bingo to be held in an office. Participants organised the event to celebrate Record Setter’s World Record Day, and a staggering 97 Task Us employees took part to supersede the previous benchmark. This record has yet to be beaten, although it can only be a matter of time before somebody attempts it!

The World’s Quickest ever Bingo win

On a final note, it is worth acknowledging the world’s quickest ever bingo win, which was recorded when Darryl Howe’s 15-number full house came in after just 23 calls. He overcame oppressive odds of 93 billion to one to achieve this, and his win was even more impressive when you consider that Mr. Howe had only registered for an online bingo account just 40 minutes previously.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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