Creating the Ultimate Bingo Playlist: Music to win to

While the precise mechanics of how music influences the human psyche can be disputed, there is no doubt that specific types of song alter our mood and the way in which we think as individuals. This is true regardless of what pastime we undertake, and there is a playlist to suit every potential games, discipline or task. Bingo provides a relevant example of this, whether you choose to play online or in a local bingo hall.
While upbeat music would be the order of the day for any bingo playlist, what specific tunes should players look to include? Consider the following:

Lucky You by the Lightening Seeds

This 1990’s indie classic is a great, timeless tune, while it may also take you on a trip down memory lane as your reminisce about a distant and seemingly more carefree time. For the superstitious among you, this track may also seem like a portent for luck and success, and it is certainly likely to gear up for a successful gaming session. One thing is for sure; a couple of plays of this song will energise you and get you in the mood for making positive decisions.

Lucky You

I should be so lucky by Kylie Minogue

On a similar note, why not continue your musical journey back the 1980’s when Australian sensation Kylie Minogue first made her considerable mark. This happy-go-lucky hit is certainly ideally suited to those with a gambling mind-set, while its tongue-in-cheek narrative and self-depreciating nature will also resonate with bingo players from all over the world. Whether the luck is with you or not during a particular game, this game will help you to treat both fortune and loss as though they are the same thing.

We Like to Party by the Venga Boys

The thorny issue of winning or losing aside, bingo is primarily a fun pastime that revolves around social interaction. This reputation for good, harmless fun is reflected in our next choice of track, which is the enduringly upbeat and relentlessly cheerful ‘We like to Party’ by the Venga Boys. Grating and catchy in equal measure, this song will get you in a positive mood and help you to embrace your favourite bingo game in a winning frame of mind!


Don’t stop me now by Queen

The ultimate party track, this Queen hit perfectly embodies the gambler’s typical mood when they embark on a winning streak. It is here that win and loss limits can become quickly redundant, as players thrive on their instincts and continue aggressively in the pursuit of winnings. Play this track if you dare and back yourself to win big!

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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