Online Bingo: Is it a game of Luck or Skill?

The attitude to online gambling varies depending on culture, as while some nations have embraced this pastime others continue to battle against its rising popularity. The situation in the U.S. is arguably the most fascinating, however, as while the market is saturated with viable websites factions of the Federal government continue to campaign for online gambling to be outlawed.

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The primary issue with online gambling in the U.S. revolves around so-called ‘games of chance’. These disciplines, which include popular casino games such as poker and roulette, are considered by some authorities to rely too heavily on opportunism and therefore represent illegal betting. Players claim that this devalues the level of skill required to succeed at such games, and this is a debate that has raged for generations.

Is Online Bingo a game of Chance or skill?

On a different note, it is worth considering where individual games sit on the spectrum of chance and skill. Take bingo, for example, which is extremely popular in the UK and has been successfully replicated online during the last decade. To many this is the quintessential game of chance, and one that requires little direct skill or application of strategy. After all, numbers are either called by a neutral representative or generated by a random number generator (depending on your chosen platform), with players simply required to tick them off to achieve their aim.

While bingo clearly has a strong element of chance, however, it would be wrong to dismiss the need for some natural skill and aptitude. A sense of numeracy is certainly important, for example, as players must be able to recognise numbers quickly and locate them on their card or panel. This also demands considerable hand-eye coordination, especially when you consider the pace at which numbers are generated. With online platforms accurately replicating the pace of traditional gameplay, virtual players must be able to quickly recognise digits and respond.


With these points in mind, it is clear that, playing online bingo on sites like those featured here, requires at least some fundamental skill or aptitude. While these should not distract players from the strong element of opportunism that underpins the game, they cannot be discounted completely and tend to distinguish excellent players from the crowd. So if you have a strong numerical ability and excellent hand-eye coordination, you should consider playing online bingo and utilising these skills to generate significant income.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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