How to Become a Bingo Chat Host Moderator

If you have decided that you want to become a bingo chat host moderator, there are several factors that you should consider, in addition to the procedures involved.

With the UK online bingo industry continuing to grow, there are plenty of bingo chat host jobs available at many different bingo brands, so it is worth ensuring that you find the one that suits your requirements the most. Naturally, though, as more jobs for this become available, the number of applicants also increases.

Below we take you through the different elements of this job and the considerations that you should think about when making your decision!

How to Become a Bingo Chat Host Moderator?

Advice and Resources for Aspiring Chat Hosts

If you want to become a chat host for an online bingo brand, though you have little to no experience, it is worth taking a few things on board.

Being able to demonstrate that you know how the online bingo industry works, the duties of a chat host, and also knowing that brand can work in your favour. There is plenty of information out there about what a chat host does, especially here at

Furthermore, it can also be helpful if you play a game on the particular brand’s site so that you can become familiar with how the role works. Finally, you can enter bingo games relatively cheaply with tickets ranging from between 1p and 20p.

However, it is worth checking YouTube to see if there are any relevant videos about a bingo game demonstration and what the chat host does.

Below is a bullet point list of what most bingo chat host jobs look for.

  • Friendly nature: This is important because one of the main characteristics that are associated with the role is based on customer service.
  • Problem-solving: Some people who play online bingo are new to the game, so answering questions they may have is essential.
  • Enthusiasm: Being enthusiastic about the game and having a similar tone of voice that you can communicate via text is also important.
  • Knowledgeable: This is fundamental because some of the questions that people ask will be bingo-orientated, so being familiar with how the game and the site work, plus knowing the terminology, will aid you considerably in the role.
  • IT skills: Because the role is fully tech-based, it is vital to have relatively in-depth knowledge of basic computer skills. Being able to respond and type fast and accurately is also fundamental.


Where Can I Find Online Bingo Jobs?

Knowing where to find bingo jobs online as a chat host is often half the battle. While most people will check job boards, there are several ways to put you in the minority to ensure that you stand out.

Doing a LinkedIn search can differentiate yourself because this could mean there are fewer applicants on this platform. However, you can take this a step further by connecting with key decision-makers in the industry or at specific sites. A speculative message to these individuals on this platform will also demonstrate how proactive you are, while indicating that you are able to take the initiative – a key trait of the role.

Even publishing via LinkedIn about online bingo can further help you stand out because you will demonstrate your passion for the industry – even establishing yourself as an authority on online bingo. It can be particularly beneficial if you publish a few articles and then connect to managers at bingo brands that you want to work for. Having a valuable network in the industry could take you a long way and help you to stand out even more.

There will also be some brands undergoing a considerable hiring surge – for example; you may find a number of Tombola chat moderator jobs available. You can look at the Tombola careers section of their website, where you can find many Tombola jobs from home, which is a great benefit.


What Should You Consider When Applying for a Bingo Chat Host Role?

You should consider several things if you are interested in applying for a bingo chat host role.

If you have yet to gain experience in the industry, the best thing to do is avoid going through a recruitment agency because they are unlikely even to consider you. As a result, going directly through the company and applying the above advice (LinkedIn, for example) could work better in your favour.

Making sure you can articulate yourself in your cover letter, and CV (regardless if you use an agency or go direct) can also improve your chances considerably.

If you have examples of customer service roles and being able to link this to the role of chat host with examples is a good way of illustrating how you can be effective. This could be any kind of customer service role (online or otherwise), because it primarily demonstrates that you are good with people.

Depending on where you are in the world (even as a UK citizen) could also affect your chances. For example, being based somewhere like Bali or you have a degree of location independence could immediately demonstrate to your potential boss that the timezone is unrealistic, so definitely factor this in.

Suppose you have friends who work in the industry. In that case, this could also give you a significant advantage because they know you and may be able to get your foot in the door via a recommendation – especially if they have the ear of the hiring manager. Letting them know that you are keen and asking them what is involved, plus any tips they may have, may propel your chances.

It may be common sense; however, do not apply for the role using a mobile device, regardless of whether you have your CV saved. It could be the case that you miss or overlook something important. Even if you use a laptop/desktop computer, it is essential that you have as few distractions as possible such as background music, television and podcasts – even doing this from a cafe can be distracting.

Also, ensure you are motivated and in the right frame of mind when applying for the role because this can come across in your level of enthusiasm through your writing. Something simple as exercising beforehand can put you in the right mindset.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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