What Bingo Games Can You Win Real Money On? | Top 6 Apps to Try!

Many people like to entertain themselves with a good game of bingo. Bingo is a good brain training activity, yet, it doesn’t require you to strategise as much as casino games.

While many enjoy going to bingo halls to play bingo and socialise with other players, there are also others who like to play bingo online on their phones.

But did you know that you can win cash prizes by playing a fun bingo game online?

That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article! We’ll share bingo apps where you can participate in cash prize tournaments and take home real money.

Read on!

What Bingo Games Can You Win Real Money On

What Bingo Apps/Games Can You Win Real Money On?

There are many online bingo apps you can download from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. So if you want to play bingo and win real money, we suggest downloading these apps:

  1. Blackout Bingo
  2. Bingo Cash
  3. Bingo Tour
  4. Bingo Win Cash
  5. Yatzy Bingo
  6. Bingo Clash


List of the Best Bingo Apps to Win Real Money Prizes

A lot of online bingo games open cash tournaments on their platforms so players can win real cash.

You might be sceptical at first with all their claims. But, there are LEGIT SITES that can offer you the real deal. Here are 6 best bingo games you can play online:

1) Blackout Bingo

This is among the best online bingo sites you can play with to win money. It is said that this skill-based bingo game was able to pay real money to its player base, amounting to £71,379.

By playing bingo in this app, you have a chance to win cash prizes every 2 minutes, like the other 5 million bingo players.

You can play for FREE with real people for great prizes or deposit cash via PayPal, Apple Pay, or credit to play in cash tournaments and take home cash prizes.

2) Bingo Cash

In this real-time bingo app, you can win extra cash for FREE. There’s no need to maintain a cash balance to win real-world rewards.

It’s also a skill-based bingo app where you duel with players of the same skill level.

In these bingo tournaments, you can win up to £83, as well as tickets you can collect to claim free bonus cash.

If you want to multiply your winnings, you have the option to deposit money into your account.

3) Bingo Tour

Bingo Tour incorporated several twists on the classic game to make it more thrilling, and it’s a challenge skilled players enjoy.

They also have a Smart Matching feature to support fair play during cash tournaments. You’re sure that the players in the bingo rooms have the same skill level as you.

4) Bingo Win Cash

You can also play bingo online with Bingo Win Cash. Aside from the classic bingo game you can play, you can also participate in token game tournaments, 1 v 1, multiplayer, and more.

It’s also one of the apps that offers a free game of bingo without depositing money. You can play bingo for money in cash tournaments, and the winner bags ALL the prizes.

5) Bingo Clash

Bingo Clash is another skill-based bingo site to win money. You need to set up an account and keep playing to accumulate enough experience points, which will INCREASE the prize pool.

As you keep playing online bingo in this app, you can also get tickets that can be exchanged for free bingo bonus cash.

But is Bingo Clash legit? Yes! It’s got over 70,000 reviews, and the most common negative comment is about poor customer service. Yet, their team really takes the time to answer every review.

6) Yatzy Bingo

The last app on this list is Yatzy Bingo Tournament. It’s one of the fun bingo games that adds a twist to the classic version.

Although classic bingo games are great, there’s no harm in adding a touch of twists to make the game more exciting. This bingo app requires you tostrategisee, making it a great brain teaser.

The goal of this free bingo game is to score the highest at the end to win real cash and prizes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Free games are great pastime activities, especially when you have to stay at home and have nothing else to do.

While others play online bingo for fun, there are people who like to play bingo for real money. Many apps offer cash games that give players a chance to win prizes.

We know you’re already excited to play, but let’s answer a few questions first before we go:

Are These Free Bingo Games/Apps a Scam?

As bingo apps became a trend, several platforms started showing up in App Stores, claiming that they offer money. Hence, we understand if you have doubts.

The applications we included in this list are all legit, and many players gave positive reviews on these sites.

Yet, you should also be careful of scams online. We suggest you read online reviews and customer feedback first before installing applications on your mobile devices.

How Much Money Can I Win Playing Bingo Online?

The answer to this is on a case-to-case basis, and it highly depends on the app you’re using (or planning to use).

For some, you can win up to £83, while other apps allow you to MULTIPLY your earnings.

There are also sites where the prize money differs for every skill level. You must keep playing to increase the prize pool.

NOTE: On some apps, you cannot withdraw all your earnings at once. There are also apps that set a minimum withdrawal amount and ask for a transaction fee for every payout.


Final Words

Many people play bingo for money. If you wish to join the party, make sure to download only the best bingo app that fits your needs.

Among the sites included in this list, the most preferred is Blackout Bingo. It’s proven to give cash prizes to its users, and they also have a huge player base.

Even though you need to top up to win some cash, it still offers a great deal, especially if you have lots of free time and are a big fan of bingo.

So, what are you waiting for? Start earning some cash by playing bingo online!

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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