Is Online Bingo Fixed?

Every bingo player knows the feeling. You’ve been waiting for your numbers to be called, and the same person claims victory for the fourth time in an hour. The sense of frustration and confusion may lead us to wonder if the game is rigged.

But Is online bingo fixed? The simple answer is legitimate online bingo is never fixed. The sites are highly regulated by government bodies and audited by independent contractors. Still, before spending any money, players should ensure the site they’re playing on is licensed. There are several hallmarks indicating a well-run and reputable online bingo site.

Is Online Bingo Fixed

Online Bingo Is Highly Regulated

Online bingo is a fun game, but it’s also a monetary investment. The Gambling Commission regulates all bingo sites within the UK to ensure their legitimacy.

The British government established the Gambling Commission in 2005 to regulate commercial gambling. It’s an independent, non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports.

The governing body takes its responsibilities seriously and thoroughly vets each site. In that context, the Gambling Commission clearly outlines the rules a site must follow to remain within the law.

Random Number Generators

Online bingo might seem like it lacks the human touch since no one is pulling balls. But that also eliminates the possibility of someone fixing a game.

Bingo sites use random number generators to pick the winners. The Gambling Commission requires that third parties must assess random number generators.

The same generator is used for every game. Independent auditors test and assess the generators, ensuring no bias goes into the approval of these sites.

The Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission approve the auditors before their employment. These safeguards protect players and their money. Any site without a random number generator has the potential to be fixed.


Legitimate bingo sites require licenses. These credentials ensure the site follows regulations and conducts itself honestly.

Four major licensing companies cover UK bingo sites:

  • Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta
  • The Gibraltar Licensing Authority
  • The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission

Players can verify a site’s legitimacy by searching for the company on the Gambling Commission’s official website.

However, this information should also be contained on the game site’s homepage and in its privacy policy. Reputable bingo sites prominently display their credentials as they want players to feel safe and secure using their services.

If you can’t find licensure anywhere on the website, it’s likely not legitimate.


Signs of a Legitimate Site

The internet is vast and teeming with gaming sites. Figuring out which are legitimate and secure may seem daunting, but some tell-tale signs can help.

Banking Information

Legitimate gaming sites provide swift and easy access to banking and withdrawal information.

Several banking options indicate a secure site as well. Sites with limited choices are insecure. These sites will usually be small, and investing your money in them is a risk.

While it’s not a certain sign the site isn’t safe, it is a red flag. Often, smaller websites aren’t structurally prepared for efficient, streamlined online gambling.

Look for the following details in a site’s terms and conditions:

Additionally, well-regulated sites provide customer service to answer any financial questions.

Social Features

Bingo is a social experience meant to be shared. If a site isn’t providing a community for players to communicate, there’s the possibility they are hoping dissatisfied customers won’t compare notes.

With that in mind, see what sort of community a site has, such as forums and live chats. Even a prominently featured “contact us” page is a positive indicator of a reputable online bingo site.

Good Reviews

Technology has made it incredibly easy to share information about products and services. So when considering the question, “is online bingo fixed?”, learn from other players’ experiences before spending any money.

Bingo review sites show you which companies have been assessed and are trustworthy.

Remember, players talk and report. If a site has overwhelmingly positive reviews, or many comments praising its security, it’s a safe option for your money.

Other Games

While bingo may be a player’s sole interest, a good gaming site offers plenty of variety, hoping to draw in more customers.

Besides other types of games, you’ll also want to look out for jackpots, promotions, and bonuses. These indicate the site knows how to deliver what players want and is confident in its business.

High Visibility

Online bingo wants to draw in customers, so honest sites spread their message far and wide. A well-promoted, highly-visible online bingo site has nothing to hide. They understand that having a large player base increases the chances of someone checking their credentials.

A bingo site with no visibility probably may be more cagey about its credentials or practices they don’t want the regulatory boards to catch wind of.

Only invest money and trust in well-advertised and promoted sites.


Why the Same People Keep Winning

The same players winning is frustrating and may seem suspect. Players on sites without the safeguards we’ve detailed should watch out for frequent winners. If someone wins an unreasonable number of games, the site might be fixing the rounds.

However, frequently losing or the same people winning repeatedly is not an indicator of a rigged game. After all, companies have no investment in practices that won’t build their bottom line.

So why do some people keep winning? They likely invest a lot of money and time in playing. That is known as the heavy depositor effect and defines the correlation between investing a lot of time and money and a more significant number of victories.

While this may lead to winning, it’s only achieved through higher spending. Yes, you may win some of the money back, but the dividends might not be worthwhile.



Bingo should be fun as well as potentially rewarding. However, enjoying a game that might be rigged against you is hard. But is online bingo fixed? Reputable sites are not, but it’s always best to do your research by looking for the indicators of legitimacy we’ve listed before spending any money.

Once you find the perfect bingo site, relax, knowing you’re in good, secure hands, and may the odds be in your favour!

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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