What Is the Trick to Winning at Bingo? The Ultimate Guide

Bingo is that beloved simple game played by people of all ages. If you’re feeling competitive, you might want to win at bingo.

Let us help you increase those chances of winning.

What Is the Trick to Winning at Bingo

Balance Out Chances and Numbers

The trick to winning bingo is to know your chances and the numbers.

While they seem like complicated probability theories, they’re easy to remember. Balancing these two is your best bet for having a successful game.

A lower number of participants in your bingo hall means better odds of winning. How many cards you have would also increase the probability of bingo success.


6 Keys to Winning at Bingo

There are a lot of bingo tips out there that could help your odds of winning while enjoying. We’ve collected the top 6 to help you improve your bingo games.

1: Go to the Bingo Hall Early

Even though bingo isn’t a sport, arriving early to the bingo hall before the game starts does help you prepare.

Here are the tools you’ll need to win at bingo:

  • Bingo dabbers – to mark your numbers
  • Masking tape – to keep your cards in place
  • Bingo cards – where your numbers are
  • Highlighter – to keep track of a winning pattern
  • Bonus Tool: Bringing little good luck charms for a confidence boost and extra good fortune helps.

2: Study the Numbers Well

Knowing your numbers makes it easier to mark the cards quickly when they start having the qualifying numbers called.

The more cards you have, the more bingo numbers you’ll have to take note of.

Having to double-cheque the called numbers could be a hassle. Pay attention to each number called and your bingo cards so you won’t be left behind.

3: Apply Some Methods and Theories

Statisticians have studied this game of chance and were able to apply mathematical probability in a bingo game. There is usually a uniform pattern on how numbers are called out.

Tippett Theory

This theory is based on number randomness. The more balls played, the more numbers will be based on the overall median.

If there are 99 balls for a short game, you should choose cards with numbers closer to 1 and 99. But if you play a longer game, choose cards with numbers closer to 45.

Granville’s Method

This method ensures that your numbers have broad coverage because we don’t know what numbers will be announced by the caller.

You’ll play better if your cards have a good distribution of even and odd numbers with high and low numbers.

4: Play the Right Amount of Books

They say the chances of winning the jackpot depend on your number of cards. There is some truth to that, but it all depends on how much you can handle.

With multiple cards, you’re more likely you lose track of the numbers. However, having only one bingo card would mean fewer chances of your numbers getting called out.

Have a set budget for how many cards you’re buying. Start with fewer cards and slowly add more cards if you think you can manage.

The more games you have, the more you can win bingo.

Progressive Bets

One of the most common mistakes of newbies is signing up for progressive bets or side bets. These are bets about the outcome of your entire game.

Avoid side bets. You’re less likely to win a progressive jackpot than the regular game.

5: Understand the Game Sizes

If we’re looking at probability, you’re more likely to win if fewer people are playing. The opposite will happen if there are more people since they’ll call out more bingo balls.

However, bingo halls and online bingo websites also know this and tend to change the jackpot reward.

Get the perfect balance of having fewer players in a bingo game while still having good reward money.

6: Seek Advice from Bingo Experts

If you’re looking for better wins, talking to experts or those who frequent the bingo halls should give you techniques to play better.

Besides getting the social aspect, you’ll also get a bingo strategy or two from time to time.

You can also read up on methods and theories by statisticians like Tippett. While they’re not guaranteed a win, it does help your chances with more games.


Is Bingo Luck-Based or Skill-Based?

Some people think that bingo is based on pure luck, depending on your cards. Others say that you need the skill to win big.

However, bingo is a lot like cards.

It’s an interesting balance between getting lucky with the numbers and being aware of the mathematical theories behind them.

By understanding those two and putting them into play, there will be more chances of getting a win.


Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have more questions about bingo. We’ve gathered the ones people commonly asked for and answered them for you.

What Is the Required Age for You to Play Online Bingo?

Bingo falls in the same category as certain online games requiring their players to be of legal age. It’s because the game is a form of gambling.

You would need to be at least 18 years old to play online. These websites request a government ID to verify your identity and age before playing games.

How Much Money Can You Win Playing Online Bingo?

Theoretically, there’s NO LIMIT on how much you can win bingo playing online.

However, your win would depend on the cards you pay for.

The more money you spend on one card, the more you can win for it. It would also depend on the number of players for that game.

However, bingo isn’t usually about winning like slot machines or other gambling games. Instead, it’s all about the fun of playing a cheap game.

When Is the Best Time to Play Bingo?

People usually play bingo to pass the time. It’s for entertainment rather than a game to bring in big rewards.

The best time would depend on whether you’re there to socialise or to win big.

If you plan on playing bingo on a weekday, the afternoon tends to have the least players, increasing your chances of winning.

However, the evenings are usually for the most popular jackpot wagers, with more people participating.

Friday and Saturday nights are quiet because younger people usually socialise and party. Other than that, the number of bingo players usually depends on the weather or events.



Whether to have a good time or win, bingo is a game anyone can play.

Remember that the key is knowing your chances and numbers for the game. Try out this winning combination next time you’re in your local hall!

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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