Four of the Strangest Lucky Charms for Bingo Players

While purists may argue the point, bingo is a game of skill that does not rely solely on chance. The need for excellent hand-eye coordination and numerical ability elevates it above many gambling pastimes, potentially even being considered a sport by some.

This is reflected by the fact that bingo players share habits and superstitions with some of the world’s greatest sportsmen. One of the most prominent is the emphasis on lucky charms, with outstanding – and not to mention strange – stars such as Turk Wendell, renowned for wearing a sharp-toothed necklace that was made from the teeth of various animals.

What are the Strangest Lucky charms You Might Want to Sit Next to Your Dauber?


As a bingo player, there are a number of strange and unique lucky charms, and whilst an exclusive bonus, may boost your chances a little, these may help boost your comfort and confidence as you play, and who knows, could even bring you a jackpot…

The Gamblers’ Amulet

If you are frugal individual this is the charm for you, as it covers all aspects of gambling from bingo and gaming tables, to chancing your arm in love. Resembling a large medallion or pendant, the Gamblers’ Amulet is legendary among gamers and is trusted by many who retain the desire to win big at their chosen pastime.

The Magical Eye Amulet


Before you ask we are not selling amulets, but we do recognise a stellar good luck charm when we see one. The Magical Eye Amulet is also as mystical and rare as it is fortunate, however, as it is said to attract positive energy as though it were a magnet used to draw metal. It essentially prevents negative thinking, which has been known to drown gamblers and bingo players when they have hit a losing streak.

The Magic Square

While the use of the word ‘magic’ is sure to upset the cynics among you, we ask that you hear us out when it comes to this particular lucky charm. This is an ancient piece of symbolism that resembles a bingo card in its design, manufactured with four equal sides and individual squares with printed numbers. It can be used when you enter form of contest or game of chance and skill, and has also been known to deliver great joy and satisfaction over time. It is particularly synonymous with lottery variation in Italy during the 16th century.

Feng Shui’s Symbol of Unlimited Happiness

This powerful and compelling amulet is believed to trigger a positive outlook and an underlying sense of happiness, which is highly beneficial to bingo players as they experience a wide array of fortune. Perhaps more of a mood enhancer than a traditional lucky charm, it embodies contentment and promises unlimited joy to anyone who possesses such a charm.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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