What Should I Bring to a Bingo Hall?

Are you heading to a bingo hall for the first time? Playing bingo in a brick-and-mortar hall is an exciting experience, but before you can get started, you will need to know what to bring. The good news is that you do not need much and so players can enjoy playing bingo in their local hall immediately.

To find out more about what items you should bring to a bingo hall plus other bingo hall etiquettes, carry on reading.

What Should I Bring to a Bingo Hall?

Our Top Tips on What to Bring to Your Bingo Hall

What many players love about going to their local bingo hall is that all you need is yourself and some cash. However, there are some items that you can take along to make your experience even smoother. Some of the items we recommend taking to a bingo hall include:

  • Dabber – a bingo dabber is a pen-like item that allows you to mark off called bingo numbers on your bingo cards quickly
  • Pen – having a backup pen is also a good idea to mark off numbers with
  • Tape – trying to keep all of your bingo cards organised on the table can be difficult. Some players like to tape down their bingo cards to keep them in place. This also makes it much easier to mark off called bingo numbers
  • Cash – players will need cash or a debit card to purchase their bingo cards

As you can see, these items are readily available from the bingo hall if you need to buy one. If you head along with just cash in your pocket, you can easily enjoy a great game of bingo. We recommend heading along early as this will give you time to get your bingo cards, get a good seat and set up your bingo cards, so you are ready in plenty of time for the game to begin.


What Should I Wear to a Bingo Hall?

Unsure of what to wear to a bingo hall? There is no strict dress code at this type of venue. You can wear whatever you want, whether you can wear casual attire.


What to Do When You Visit a Bingo Hall

If it is your first time entering a bingo hall, follow our step-by-step guide that provides you with all the information you need to know on how to get started playing:

  1. Visit your local bingo hall and visit the front desk. If you let them know you are new to playing bingo, they will guide you. You may also set up a membership with the bingo hall. Players will be awarded a membership card that they can use next time
  2. Purchase your bingo tickets and let the team know if you have any questions on how to play
  3. Grab a drink if you want one
  4. Find yourself a seat
  5. Get ready to start playing bingo!

If you win a game of bingo, you will need to stop the game. You can do this by calling ‘bingo’ or ‘house’. You will need to be loud to stop the game and get the bingo caller’s attention. Your bingo claim will then be verified, and if all is okay, you will be awarded your winnings. Try to make sure that you 100% have a bingo win claim, as you may annoy other players when you slow down the game for a false claim.


Our Top Tips for Bingo Etiquette

There are rules to follow when playing at a bingo hall, some of which may need to be clarified. Here are our top tips for bingo etiquette that you need to follow when visiting your bingo hall:

  1. Stay quiet – the first rule that you should know for proper bingo etiquette is keeping quiet during the game. Whilst the game is in play, all players should remain quiet unless they are calling bingo. Talking during games can cause unnecessary distractions and irritate other players. This also includes repeating the number as they are called
  2. Bingo staff – players should always be respectful to the bingo staff. Bingo is supposed to be fun and there is never any time that it is appropriate to disrespect or take out your frustration on the bingo caller
  3. Be considerate – when you are new to a bingo hall, there will be regulars who may have a lucky seat they always sit in or there may be a designated smoking area that you must use away from other players. Be considerate of other players and it will make everyone’s bingo experience better
  4. Arrive early – it is always a good idea to ensure you arrive early to your bingo game. Arriving at least half an hour before will allow you to buy your bingo tickets, get a seat and then relax a little before the game starts

Keeping these etiquette tips in mind when visiting a local bingo hall will ensure you have a great time. Remember, if you do not want to follow these rules then there is always the option to play bingo online where you can enjoy bingo games from the comfort of your home.

When visiting a bingo hall, all you need to take is cash, a bingo dabber and a pen. You are then ready to go! When visiting a bingo hall for the first time, it is also important to respect the bingo etiquette and rules in place to ensure you and other players have the best possible time.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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