Why Do Bingo Players Have So Many Daubers?

Bingo is among the most popular games worldwide, not just for older generations. This fun and easy-to-play game can be exciting and relaxing all at the same time, depending on where you’re playing.

The bingo enthusiasts know that they can only play a solid game with their favourite tool, a dauber. But what is a dauber, and why do bingo players have so many daubers? The reasons will vary, but here are a few reasons why bingo players have multiple daubers.

Why Do Bingo Players Have So Many Daubers

What Is a Bingo Dauber?

Bingo daubers are vital tools that help bingo players mark their cards when their number and letter are called. The ink is transparent enough that they can still see the number below the ink.

These pens have translucent ink that is designed for people to use on bingo cards. Many avid bingo players don’t want other bingo players to see how close or not close they are to calling bingo and winning the game, so these pens are vital to a successful bingo game.


The History of Bingo Daubers

Bingo dates back to the 1500s in Italy before spreading throughout Europe to countries like Great Britain and France in the 1700s. Initially, players would mark their bingo cards with beans.

People slowly began realising that marking bingo cards with beans isn’t practical as they can easily slide around or fall off the table if someone bumps into them. Bingo players went through several different card markers, like cards with windows so no one could see but the player, and even brightly coloured markers.

In the late 20th century, bingo daubers began appearing and rising in popularity. Now, they’re the marker of choice for bingo players in many parts of the world.


Why Do Bingo Players Have So Many Daubers?

So, why do avid bingo players have so many daubers? There are several reasons, and they won’t all apply to all bingo players, but these are the main reasons they have a plethora of daubers.

The Ink Can Run Out Quickly

Depending on the bingo dauber one purchases, the ink can run out rather quickly. Even if you purchase one that has a more considerable amount of ink, when a bingo player is constantly playing, they’re going to run through ink fast.

Many bingo daubers come with about 45ml of ink and only last for about two to four bingo sessions for the avid player. Keeping several bingo daubers on hand is better for people than running out of ink in the middle of a bingo session.

On the other hand, other daubers hold between 80 to 120ml of ink per pen. These only last around four to eight bingo sessions, so if a bingo player is playing every day or often, they’ll still want to keep plenty on hand to avoid running out of ink while playing.

They Keep Them in Various Places

Sometimes bingo players keep daubers in various places so they’re always ready to play whenever the urge strikes. Specifically, women or people who carry purses, backpacks, or other bags keep at least one in every bag so that they always have a dauber on hand when they switch.

There Are Different Kinds of Bingo Daubers

Another major reason bingo players have many daubers is that there are several different kinds to choose from. Many people prefer one type over all the others, but some people like to keep several different kinds on hand because they like using different daubers every so often.

There are several different colour daubers, and being able to change the colour they’re using makes playing even more fun. One day they might want to use blue, and the next, red, and being able to have options is key.

Other types of bingo daubers include disposable daubers, refillable daubers, novelty daubers, and plain daubers. There are daubers with glitters, bright colours, and even more muted tones.

Daubers Allow Bingo Players To Express Themselves

Going along with enjoying having a variety of daubers to choose from, bingo players are known for using daubers to express themselves. While what each dauber means to each bingo player is their interpretation, they enjoy having the ability to express themselves while playing one of their favourite games.

Buying Daubers in Bulk Is More Affordable

As with many products in life, buying in bulk tends to be more affordable in the long run, especially when you’re regularly using the product. Bingo players use bingo daubers all the time, and since many of them only last up to eight sessions, buying in bulk will be more cost-effective in the long run.

They Can Be Lucky

Many bingo players are superstitious, and having plenty of daubers to choose from might make them feel like one is luckier than another for a particular session. It might not make sense to everyone, but if you ask a bingo enthusiast, they’ll tell you they have a lucky dauber or two lying around.

People Make Their Own Daubers

While many people opt to purchase daubers from various retailers, some bingo players make their own! They tend to have a lot more lying around when they make their own.

Doing this provides them with more customisation options, like choosing the ink and colour they want and the ability to add sequins or other fun decorations. Making daubers can be exciting, so they tend to make several at a time which leads to them having more in their possession at a time.


Final Thoughts

Bingo daubers are more than a vital tool for bingo players to mark their cards. They’re colourful and allow them to express themselves as they play through a bingo session.

Some of the reasons bingo players have so many daubers lying around are that it is because it’s more affordable to purchase in bulk, they always want to have at least one on hand, and they tend to run out of ink fast.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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