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After a comparatively quiet 2012 it now appears that the online bingo business is back with all guns blazing!  Don’t let anyone tell you that online bingo is dead, on the contrary, it is very much alive and going great guns!

Many sites are investing in makeovers, introducing new games, advertising on the television, putting time and effort into creating even better bingo rooms to visit.  All contain extra incentives to tempt you to visit; all include great deals and offers.  The opportunity of promotions and bonuses available to players now is outstanding, with websites such as 888ladies bingo launching huge offers and advertising their site on the TV, hoping to ensure that the required amount of traffic visiting is enough to put them into profit.

Since Virgin Games were taken over by Gamesys, the website has received a whole new look, and we are now waiting to see how it will develop from the early, simple format, as speed was the essence to get the rebranded site up and open for business, The very fact that Gamesys was up for purchasing such an important brand as Virgin is an example of the optimism which is within the online bingo market.

So it appears that online bingo is more popular than ever, being recognised as a mainstream activity throughout the world.  Every week there are more players discovering this social, popular game, and this is where a good comparison site is worth its weight in gold to the new player.  Comparison sites are impartial and have done the majority of hard work for you.  They check out the latest bonuses and promotions on offer, which have the best welcome bonuses alongside the friendliest communities, as the chat facility is all important within the bingo community.

So remember to utilize Google in order to find relative information from a selection of comparison sites that are on offer to you.  A little bit of research on your part will enable you to enjoy this fun, exciting game in the knowledge that you are using only the very best of bingo sites which suit your own personal needs and requirements.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

Lillian Grey

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Lillian Grey is a long time online bingo and slots player who started putting her thoughts down on digitial paper around 2008. Having been covering the industry for quite some time, she is able to spot the good from the bad when it comes to online bingo. An ever present at indsutry conferences and events, Lillian likes to meet fellow bingo enthusiasts to share stories and ideas, with maybe a glass of wine (or two) involved! When not covering the ever changing world of online bingo, she likes to read a good book and go for family walks in the forest.

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