Bingo loyalty schemes explained: Rewarding Regular Gameplay

Whenever you think of online bingo, one of your first considerations is deposit match and free gameplay bonus packages, all of which you can read more about here. These are often used to target new players and registrants, with the aim of claiming a viable market share and incentivising individuals who have yet to partner with a specific brand. It is all too easy for brands to overlook the importance of retaining loyal players, however, as this lays the foundations for long-term success.

Bingo loyalty schemes explained: Rewarding Regular and Loyal Players

This is where bingo loyalty schemes come into play, just like the loyalty schemes most retail stores offer, these initiatives have been developed to reward players who commit regularly to a specific, online brand. These players are also regular participants in games, and therefore spend a great deal of their hard-earned money in pursuit of winnings. Loyalty schemes are an excellent way of rewarding prolific and consistent bingo players, and encouraging them to use the same platform over a prolonged period of time.

Loyalty Cards
These schemes can work in various ways, but the majority use a simple points system to reward players over time. They are also made available across a wide array of games, although some operators may limit their availability to specific titles and experiences. These points can be quickly accumulated through a number of different actions, from logging into your account and making a deposit to recording a specific amount of game time in a specific period.

Redeem your Points and Earn Rewards

There is usually a minimum threshold at which points can be redeemed, and when this level has been achieved players have the freedom to choose how they are used. Usually, they can either be exchanged for a specific cash bonus or to buy Bingo tickets to use on the site’s range of games. The former option enables players to benefit financially, whether they withdraw this cash or use it spend on additional games. With the latter choice, they can secure free game time across their favourite online titles!

While this provides you with a generic overview of the typical bingo loyalty scheme, there are a couple of points to bear in mind as a player. Firstly, the precise terms of these initiatives will vary depending on the operator in question, so you will need to read the terms of conditions and understand your requirements as a player before making a commitment. Also, you will need to commit time and money into your gameplay, and stick rigidly to a single operator if you are to become eligible for loyalty scheme points.
Apart from these, requirements, these schemes are available to all players so there is no reason why you cannot begin to play, earn and redeem today!

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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