An Introduction: What is bonanza bingo?

Have you ever noticed the similarities between bingo and the lottery? This should not come as a surprise, particularly when you remember that bingo originated in the 16th century as a primitive lottery game in Italy. Known then as ‘Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia’, it is a game that spread throughout Europe before reaching the UK and America and developing its renowned name of bingo. The lottery similarity still exists to this day, however, with even online variations borrowing from the same, classic gaming pattern.

What is Bonanza Bingo?

Take Bonanza Bingo, for example, which is an Instant Win game that is often made available in both free and real play modes. It is a game that has been heavily influenced by bingo’s lottery roots, and it enables players to match multiplier values and potentially win big! It is also a relatively simple game to follow and play, as players draw six numbered balls and look to match these to a predetermined set of numbers. Any two matching balls represent a winning combination and trigger a prize.
This is determined by the multiplier value which is displayed on the lotto ball. Essentially, this value is multiplied with an original bet amount, and some of the potential pay-outs are huge. Players must be aware that only one winning combination is permitted per card and in instances where more than one is revealed the operators will pay out on the highest value combination only. This offers a fair chance to players and ensures that they will be rewarded with the maximum value where possible.

The Additional Features of Bonanza Bingo

As an online game, the minimum and maximum wager thresholds depend on exactly where you play the game. As a rule of thumb, however, players can place a minimum wager of £0.50 and a maximum of 10 credits per individual playing round. Once these bets have been finalised, players can select the ‘play now’ option and begin the draw process. The maximum pay-out is usually 200,000 credits, although once again this can vary across individual operators.

In terms of your probability of winning, eCogra confirms that Bonanza Bingo has a pay-out rate of 96%. This is relatively competitive in the current market, as while some certified slots offer pay-outs of between 97% and 99%, the difference is marginal and Bonanza Bingo remains far better placed than some gambling activities. There are slots available that have a pay-out rate as low as 90%, for example, while the associated house edge on casino games such as blackjack and roulette are far more prohibitive.
So if you want to take your chances on a game of opportunism, Bonanza Bingo online may be the ideal choice for you.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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