What are the Best Alternative Bingo Variations in 2015?

As avid bingo fans and players, we absolutely love the variety available online in 2015. A quick glance at our site proves that there are game types and formats to suit every possible need, from newcomers to the game to experienced dabbers who are making the transition from their local bingo hall.

The local bingo hall (as we know it, anyway) is also undergoing something of a transition, as traditional brands and outlets look to diversify to suit the modern player’s demand for innovation. While online variations may have whetted the consumer appetite for fun and unique games, it is the real world that is delivering in terms of explosive and interactive bingo experiences.

A Look at the best Bingo Variations for the year ahead

At bingosites.net, we’re always keeping up-to-date of the latest trends, and we’ve found some of the best bingo events to get out and enjoy…

The Big Bingo Show


They do always say bigger is better and when it comes to The Big Bingo Show, we kind of agree. Occuring every Monday night in the heart of Vauxhall, London,  it’s an event that draws players from all over the UK and embodies the perfect and thrilling fusion of bingo and traditional cabaret. You can enjoy a unique evening of gameplay whilst also experiencing musical tributes, surprise guest twists, sing-alongs, and hilarious interaction with the wickedly funny drag performers Timberlina and Hey Baylen. Interesting is too ordinary a word to describe such an experience, so the best way to understand it is to experience this pretty phenomenal variant.

Rebel Bingo


On a similar note, Rebel Bingo is another night which is fast becoming one of the world’s most successful and unusual bingo nights. Regularly touring, and holding a number of nights in Camden and Clapham, Rebel Bingo has already revolutionised the sleepy and moribund seaside towns where traditional bingo made its name in the UK, infusing a classic game with drinking, dancing, and the type of upbeat tunes that drive everyone from their chairs to the dancefloor. You would be crazy to miss this if you are bingo fan, as the games’ biggest and most engaging party starters take the game on an entirely new level!

Rock and Roll Bingo


The majority of these formats infuse music into the game, but there is one in particular that relies heavily on melody to drive it forward. This is Rock and Roll Bingo, which operates in exactly the same way as the traditional format with the exception that numbers are replaced with upbeat music tracks. These are marked on game cards, and as titles are drawn they are played over a sound-system and ticked off by lucky players. Each song also triggers a dance, and this makes for a fun evening across the board!


Last updated: Feb 9, 2023

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