What Are Bingo Scratch Card Games?

Who doesn’t love a good game of bingo? Racing to see who can fill a row with chips based on the numbers that the dealer calls is a thrill within itself that can induce many competitive feelings among players.

However, that’s traditional tabletop bingo; what are bingo scratch card games that you can play online?

Bingo scratch card games allow you to win the game virtually rather than in person at your local community venue. Most bingo scratch card games are on secure gambling websites where you deposit and earn real money back if you win the games.

What Are Bingo Scratch Card Games?

How Are Virtual Bingo Cards Set Up?

When you log on to a gambling website, you play the 90-ball bingo format. The 90-ball is different from the usual 75-ball bingo card format in the United States because the UK’s play format allows the calling of 15 additional balls throughout the game. Hence, you have more chances to win depending on the numbers contained on your tickets.

As you play 90-ball bingo, the automatic number generator will give you a number to click on so you “scratch it off” and keep track of what numbers you have on your cards.

For 90-ball bingo, the number order is as follows. The first column contains one to nine, while the second has 10-19.

  • 3rd column: 20-29
  • 4th column: 30-39
  • 5th column: 40-49
  • 6th column: 50-59
  • 7th column: 60-69
  • 8th column: 70-79
  • 9th column: 80-90

How Many Winners Can Be in a Bingo Game?

When you play online bingo scratch card games, there are three rounds. You have a chance to win all three rounds for a higher payout. However, three different winners could win each of the three rounds.


How Can You Win a Bingo Scratch Card Game?

There are many ways to win bingo scratch card games. When you log on to a gaming website, you must select how you want to win, so you are in the correct game room to play against other players the same way you wish to enjoy the game.

The first way to win is one-line bingo, which players attempt to achieve in the first round. All you have to do is cover up at least one row of numbers on one of your given tickets to be declared the winner.

Once the announcement of the first winner, you will keep the scratch-offs on your same ticket. Round two would commence after that. You need to cover up a new row on one of your tickets to win the two-line bingo round.

There are three rows on one bingo ticket. Hence, to win the second round of two-line bingo, you must have at least 66% of one ticket covered with scratch-offs.

Finally, the third round is called full house bingo. Players are tasked with seeing who can cover up all the numbers on one of their tickets first. Winning full-house bingo gives you the best payout out of all the rounds, so bingo lovers are constantly vying to win at least this round when playing online.

Once the three rounds are complete, you can refresh the screen and start a new game. Remember to wager your bets wisely in any gambling game and know when it’s your time to stop playing to budget your leisurely funds accordingly.


Tips for Playing Bingo Scratch Card Games

What are bingo scratch card games, and what tips on how to play them? Bingo scratch card games are random, so it’s anyone’s game when playing online against other bingo players. However, you can slightly increase your chances of winning one or more rounds in a game by following some of these tips.

Play During Slower Times of the Day

Play at a slower time during the day. If you play during hours when most players are online, there will be slimmer chances of you taking the win. More players in the game room mean more opportunities to win any of the rounds before you can.

The best times to play are in the middle of the night as more people are asleep, early in the morning before you go to work, or late at night after most people have already gone to bed. Avoid playing between 12 PM and 7 PM, when most people are online during lunch breaks and after work and dinner.

Play With More Than One Ticket

While you can play with just one bingo ticket, choosing to play with more than one ticket maximises your winning chances. However, keep in mind that you will have to bet more money if you choose to play with multiple tickets than you would if you play with only one.

Sometimes paying a little extra to play with multiple tickets can increase your return on investment. Give it a try if your budget allows it.

Find Bingo Games With Cheaper Bets

Compare and contrast the bet pools from your favourite bingo scratch card game website. Note which games have lower bets for single-card and multiple-card formats. Spending your bets wisely can help you to play more games in one sitting and get more fun out of your experience.


Capitalise on Bingo Scratch Card Games Bonuses

Play bingo only when there are special promotions on the bingo gaming site. Sign up for emails from the provider to see when you can get deposit matches so that you have more money to play the game.

Consider a no-deposit bingo deal when you sign up for the first time on a bingo provider. You will be rewarded with gaming credit when you sign up for one of these websites so that you do not have to deposit your funds immediately after signing up, as usual, gambling sites entail.



What are bingo scratch card games? They allow you to play bingo online with other like-minded players that are vying for the chance to win a thrilling game of chance. Remember to place your bets wisely and, most of all, have fun!

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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