Three ways in which Technology is changing the game of Bingo


While it may be no surprise to note that technological advancement and innovation has altered the game of bingo beyond all recognition, you may baulk when you realise exactly how impactful it has been. With the popularity of bingo and its affiliated levels of activity having grown by an estimated 155% over the course of the last decade, the game has overtaken pastimes such as video poker to become the number one gambling activity in the UK.

While this underlines how far bingo has evolved in recent times, it is interesting to explore the specific changes that technology has inspired within the sector. At we’ve decided to look deeper at how tech is changing the face of our beloved game…

Bingo Halls Now Use Tablets Rather Than Game Cards

Bingo Grows In Popularity Despite The Smoking Ban And The Recession

Historically, bingo halls were relatively compact and entirely technology-free, and traditional formats of the game were played out against a backdrop of pens, card, and numbered balls. This is gradually changing however, and bricks and mortar establishments embrace a wider range of games and also utilise mobile technology to enrich the playing experience. Many utilise tablets in place of physical game cards for example, while the new, purpose-built bingo hall in Southampton will incorporate numerous facets of modern technology.

The Value Of The Bingo Market Has Grown Exponentially

On a more fundamental level, the advent of technology has created huge diversification within the bingo market and enabled the value of this entity to grow exponentially. More specifically, the development of advanced software and online bingo platforms has created a standalone market worth £2 billion in the UK alone, and this does not factor in revenue generated by traditional bingo halls. With technology also augmenting bricks and mortar establishments throughout the UK, we can expect the value of both sectors to soar further in the next five years and beyond.

The Advent Of Cross-Platforming Bingo

These trends are also likely to converge in the near future, as bingo follows the wider gaming market by opening itself up to the prospect of cross-platform experiences. More specifically, it will soon be possible for online players to access real-time bingo streams from their mobile device, enabling them to participate in games at local halls. This will revolutionise the market as a whole, and create a seamless entity that achieves its full potential in terms of profitability.

Last updated: Feb 9, 2023

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