The Rising Influence of Bingo Sponsorship in Sport

If you want to understand how popular online bingo and casino sites are quickly becoming, you need only look at the rising number of sponsorship arrangements between these entities and leading sports teams in the UK. There are prominent bingo sponsors across both football and ruby league teams, while the cumulative amount of money contributed to individual sports continues to rise.

Bingo Sponsorship and the Future

While we have already touched on the emergence of bingo-inspired sponsorship agreements in football and rugby league, there is another exciting trend that is becoming prevalent in this sector. This is the rise of bingo sponsorship in female sporting initiatives, with numerous outlets choosing to involve themselves in the recent #BeAGameChanger event. This is the brainchild of the Women’s Sport Trust, which works diligently and creatively to raise the profile of female athletes and their level of influence. If this trend continues, we can expect bingo website to feature prominently as the leading sponsors of high profile female sporting events.

Historically, these types of company associated themselves with female-focused television programming, which provide a significant income stream while also enabling brands to target a motivated playing demographic. The diverse nature of online gaming has forced brands to broaden their reach, however, opening the door for more expansive sponsorship deals across multiple sectors. So although more traditional sponsorship deals such as those involving Sky Bingo and popular STV program ‘Loose Women’ remain popular, they are likely to be augmented by more progressive and unusual deals.

How Bingo and Casino Brands are Becoming Increasingly Influential in the World of Sport

Over time, we can expect to see a larger number of agreements made between online bingo sites and sporting teams. This will be prevalent in both male and female sport, as brands look to reach a wider playing demographic and drive higher profitability. This is unlikely to be a gradual process either, especially as the virtual bingo sector continues to record profits and serves as the main engine for growth in the remote gaming marketplace.

Last updated: Feb 9, 2023

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