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Whichever way you look at it, bingo is huge business in the UK. From brick and mortar bingo halls throughout the UK to online bingo sites, millions of players play a vast range of games on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. As players demographics have swelled and diversified, we have also seen more brands emerge and a higher amount of money spent on advertising. Internet bingo sites have been particularly aggressive in this regard, creating a series of funny, insightful and genuinely entertaining adverts for the modern age!

3 of the best Bingo Adverts of Modern times

So, while it may have taken us a long time to create a viable short-list, here are three of our favourite bingo advertisements:

The Think Bingo Advertising Campaign

Released with the tagline ‘Think Bingo, for girls who know how to have fun’, this advertising campaign is single-minded and extremely simple in its execution. The fact that it has a clear focus and does not rely on gimmicks is undoubtedly a positive thing, although the site of a grown woman furiously eating cucumbers from a face mask certainly adds a sense of humour. It was also a successful campaign, although it did draw some criticism for not recognising the diversification in player demographics and the rising prevalence of male participants.


The Foxy Bingo Advertising Campaign

Foxy Bingo has always ran character-driven advertising campaigns, with the renowned mascot taking centre stage as establishing the brand as one of the most well-known in the industry. The fact that the character has aged over time is even more impressive, as the immature, fun loving canid has been replaced with a debonair alternative. Combining a memorable strut with a playful soundtrack and upbeat tempo, this campaign achieved what Tombola Bingo attempted with its infamous, banned cartoon mascot (this brand’s commercial was ultimately banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) as the character was considered to appeal to a young, teenage demographic).


The RedBus Bingo Advertising Campaign

In advertising terms, ‘go big or go home’ is the maxim that some brands adhere to. It appears to many as more of a children’s television program than an advert, as a high quality animation dominates the screen and captures the attention of viewers. The campaign from RedBus Bingo features a stylish red bus (obviously) and outstanding illustrations, it has also managed to avoid censorship despite its obvious appeal to children. Although it may be argued that the campaign is far from targeted and perhaps a little too vague in relation to Internet bingo, there is at least little chance of a child changing the channel while the parents are watching. Perhaps this is the point, and the advert is worthy of a mention simply due to the technical skill behind it.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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