Across Countries and Continents: Where is Bingo most Popular?

While we all know that bingo that is a popular online game in 2015, many of us perhaps underestimate the reach and diversity of its appeal. There are now over one 100 million active bingo players in the world, for example, and this number continues to rise as new formats are developed every single year.

It is also interesting to understand where bingo is most popular, as this has probably changed over the course of history. From its humble origins in 15th century Italy to its emergence in the U.S., bingo has traversed the four corners of the globe and brought joy and happiness to millions of individuals.

Where is Bingo Most Popular?

Interestingly (although perhaps not surprisingly), there are more bingo players in the continent of Europe than any other. After all, the game originated here, and gradually became a global phenomenon over time. Europe currently contributes seven out of the top 10 nations in terms of the sheer number of bingo players. The United Kingdom heads this list, while neighbouring Ireland comes in third place. It is important to note that the UK is dominant in the market; however, boasting more than three times the number of active players as Ireland alone.

Romania occupies second position on the list, although once again that UK has twice the number of active players residing within its boundaries. It is not until we reach fifth place on the list that a non-European nation is mentioned, with the South American hub of Brazil also a hotbed of traditional and online bingo. Relaxed online gaming laws in South and Central America certainly contribute to this, as they enable players to have greater freedom and access to games when online.

Other Points of Interest: The U.S. and Italy

Taking up the final two places on the list are the U.S and Italy, and this may come as a considerable surprise to some. After all, Italy was the place in which the original concept for the game emerged, way back in 1530 when it was an extremely primitive and outdoor experience. You would also expect the U.S. to have a strong base of bingo players, simply due to its size and fondness for popular British culture.

Bingo has yet to truly penetrate the U.S. market, however, while the nation’s relatively stringent online gaming and gambling laws do not treat so-called games of chance kindly. The game has also lost some of its lustre in Italy, although this may be partially due to the financial impact on the great recession. We are also surprised not to see Germany included, especially as bingo is used by nationals to teach children numeracy.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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