How social media has influenced the rise of social gaming

The rise of social media appears to know no bounds, as it has evolved at a rapid rate since its inception in 2005. When Facebook first emerged as an academic social network for students, few would have thought that it would evolve to the point where it had more than one billion active users and a reputation as a viable business marketing tool. While the evolution of social media may have triggered significant changes in the worlds of remote communication and business, however, it is in the field of gaming where we have seen arguably the most profound changes.

How social media has influenced the rise of social gaming
More specifically, the concept of social gaming has become extremely popular across sites such as Facebook (and less well-known entities such as Four Square). This has not only added a new dimension to the appeal of social media, but it has also created a brand new channel through which business owners can engage potential customers. It has also helped brands to reach out drive a new form of mobile, freemium gaming, where participants are afforded choice in terms of how they spend their money.

This model underpins all forms of mobile and social gaming, from Facebook’s Texas Hold ‘em Poker to the wide range of free bingo games that exist online. These experiences represent the best examples of social gaming in the modern age, as they are exceptionally engaging and rely on the interaction between individual players, callers and dealers. So in effect, social media is able to use these gaming patterns to connect a global pool of motivated players in real-time, while also offering them free gameplay and the choice of how and when to spend their capital.

What Next for Social Gaming?
In terms of reaching new players, there appears to be little more that social gaming can do to achieve greater popularity. With the number of active Facebook users having reached 1.44 billion by the first quarter of 2015, there is already a large and captive global market for developers to target in the next decade.

The diversity of available games can continue to evolve, while improved software platforms will also drive superior graphics and high quality audio. This only adds to the immersive nature of the experience, and will ultimately create a scenario where mobile and social titles have completely superseded video game alternatives.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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