Is Speed Bingo the right format for you?

If there is one thing that binds the various types of online gaming together, it is the constant presence of innovation and evolution. These factors continue to lay the foundation for a growing range of new games, many of which are based in classic gaming patterns and experiences. Take speed bingo, for example, which is a modern variation of the traditional game and challenges players to apply their skills in an even more time sensitive setting.

Speed Bingo: What are its Pros and Cons?
While you may already consider bingo to be a fast-paced and frenetic game, the speed version takes this onto an entirely new level. Essentially, speed bingo takes the classic features of 75, 80 and 90 bingo ball formats and compresses these into an even more relentless game. Numbers are called at a far quicker rate, for example, while shorter winning combinations also mean that there is a higher turnaround of successful calls within any given period of time.

While this offers players far more chances of winning, the rapid nature of gameplay poses several challenges. To begin with, fans of traditional bingo will be forced to make a significant transition when they first switch to the speed format, and this can take a considerable amount of time.  From a physical perspective, players will also be required to showcase greater dexterity and improved hand-eye coordination when playing a faster version of the game, as otherwise they are likely to lose out to better or more experienced speed bingo veterans.

Is Speed Bingo Right for you? Our Final Thoughts
So is speed bingo right for you? The answer to this is depends almost entirely on your individual outlook as a player, although there are several factors which you can make a decision. The first is your level of experience to date, as players who have already sampled a number of variable formats are more likely to be adaptable and amend their game quickly when challenged.

The next consideration is your natural ability as a bingo player, particularly your hand-eye coordination and numerical skills. These will have a huge impact on your success as a bingo player, regardless of the format that you play or whether you enjoy off or online platforms. If you lack these rudimentary skills, you may be better served by playing traditional variations that afford you more thinking time.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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