Random Number Generation

At online casino and bingo sites, random number generation is used to ensure all games are fair. This technology gives players confidence in the games that they are playing and maintains the high reputation of gambling sites. Find out more about random number generation below.

Random Number Generation


What Is Random Number Generation?

A random number generation, also known as RNG, is computer software developed to deliver numbers randomly. There are various types of RNGs, but at online casinos, you can expect them to use pseudo random number generators. What makes this type of random number generator different, however, is that surprisingly it is not completely random.

The two most common types of random number generation are:

  • Pseudo random generator (PRNG) – uses a mathematical calculation to produce numbers. As a maths calculation is calculated and not random, it cannot be said that this type of calculation is truly random. These can be reproduced if the state of the PRNG is known. It will create large strings of numbers based on a seed number that is a shorter string of numbers. The chances of it being hacked are extremely low but not impossible
  • True Random Number Generators (TRNGs) – these are physical events that create a random numerical value through random elements. This type of RNG cannot be hacked as numbers can never be predicted


When Is Random Number Generation Used?

Random number generation is used in a variety of industries such as cryptography, randomised design, statistical sampling and computer simulation. However, gambling is one of the main industries it is used in. This is the easiest way to generate entirely random numbers that can be used in gambling games. It maintains the reputation of online casinos and software developers that the games they are offering are fair and players can trust that they will not be cheated.


How Are RNGs used in Online Casinos?

RNGs are used by software developers to create virtual games. For example, in a slot game with 3 reels and 10 symbols per reel, a value will be attached to each symbol by the RNG and another value of between 1 and 10 will be applied to each reel. 3 random symbols will then be generated from this calculation and each is decided independently of the other. If this forms a winning combination, the player will receive a payout.

The only type of games where an RNG is not required at online casinos is live dealer games. Land-based casinos also use this type of technology in their machine games such as video poker and jackpot slots.


Are Random Number Generators Fair?

If a casino is licensed and regulated to operate in the UK, the RNG software will be tested by an independent third party to ensure the games are fair. Third party regulators that operate in the UK include:

  • eCogra
  • Gaming Laboratories International
  • Gaming Associates Europe
  • Quinel Ltd
  • Trisigma B.V

These companies all carry out a similar function. They will provide various testing evaluations to ensure casinos and the software that they are using are compliant with UK law. Services they provide include:

  • RNG evaluations
  • Audits on poker software
  • Live dealer evaluations
  • Sportsbook evaluations
  • Mathematics evaluations of games
  • Full security audits
  • Ongoing RN reporting
  • Game payout evaluations

If compliant, the testing agency will award a badge. This can be put on display to reassure players that games are fair and not influenced by any outside factors such as the size of a potential pay out or if a VIP is playing the game. It also ensures that casinos meet any minimum payout percentages required by law. This is a top reason why it is vital that players join an online casino that is licensed and regulated otherwise, they could fall victim to a scam.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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