National Bingo Game Association

In the UK, the National Bingo Game Association operates a ‘main stage’ National Bingo Game. This is one of the most popular bingo games available to play in bingo halls as it offers easy gameplay and large jackpots. However, it has also had some controversies since its launch. It is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and was previously licensed by its predecessor The Gaming Board of Great Britain.

Find out more about the rollover jackpots, the format and the history of the National Bingo Game below.

National Bingo Game Association

History of the National Bingo Game

The National Bingo Game was first introduced in June 1986 and was legalised under the multiple bingo law in the UK. This game connected many of the bingo clubs across the country to a central game control centre through a modem. The same randomly selected numbers were then given to each bingo hall and the game was played at each hall at the same time. It was only possible to introduce this type of bingo game due to the development of new technology.

The game control would then be given the details of all winning players at each club to determine who called bingo in the smallest number of bingo calls. Prizes were awarded both nationally and regionally. Since its launch, it has awarded over £1 billion in prizes.

The National Bingo Game was the most prominent computer-operated gambling game in the UK until 1994. Then, the National Lottery was launched and took this title. The bingo association tried to compete with the lottery by increasing the prize money but, ultimately, the National Lottery did take away many of the bingo game’s players.


How to Play the National Bingo Game

Tickets for the National Bingo Game are currently £2, and this operates as a standard bingo game. Players can purchase their tickets and mark off the numbers as they are called. If you win, shout ‘BINGO’ to let the bingo caller know you have a win.

Prizes available currently in the National Bingo Game are jackpots of £1,000, £10,000 and £50,000. A special club prize will also be awarded. When claiming a win, the fewer bingo number calls you do so in, the more prize money you can win.

The largest amount of money ever won in the National Bingo Game was in March 2008 by Soraya Lowell from Motherwell, Scotland. She played this bingo game in the bingo Club 3000 hall in Coatbridge and won £1,167,795.


National Bingo Game Controversies

Since its launch back in 1986, there have been many controversies surrounding the National Bingo Game. This includes some minors accessing bingo clubs and purchasing tickets. However, the National Bingo Game does not have any direct control over this as the clubs are independent.

Most of the other incidents involving the National Bingo Game are between players who have had informal agreements with each other over prize money and this has not been honoured. The association has no control over these disputes either as they are informal agreements made between players.

The National Bingo Game is still available to play three times daily at local participating bingo clubs and also offers jackpots of up to £50,000.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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