Can Bingo Numbers Be Repeated?

Did you know that bingo numbers are not repeated during bingo games? When playing your favourite games of bingo such as 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, each number will be called once. What’s more, these numbers will only appear a maximum of one time on your bingo card.

To learn more about how to play online bingo and the rules of bingo, carry on reading.

Can Bingo Numbers Be Repeated

Everything You Need to Know About Bingo Numbers

When you choose a bingo game, the number of bingo numbers is usually displayed in the name. For example:

  • 90 ball bingo – 90 numbers
  • 75 ball bingo – 75 numbers
  • 30 ball bingo – 30 numbers

Not all of these numbers will appear on your bingo card and each game is different. In 75 ball bingo, there will be 24 numbers on your card, while in 90 ball bingo, there are 15 numbers on the bingo card. No matter which game you choose, the ultimate goal is to get a full house by daubing all numbers on your bingo card. This will win you the top bingo jackpot prize.


Daubing Your Bingo Cards

If you have played at a brick and mortar bingo hall, you will know that it can be stressful daubing bingo numbers when you have multiple bingo cards to check. For those unfamiliar with this term, daubing is when numbers on your bingo card are marked off. The good news is that it is much easier to have multiple bingo cards when you are playing bingo online. In online bingo, players can toggle their settings to have the numbers daubed automatically. This takes a lot of the pressure off, especially when you have bought many bingo cards.

However, while it can be much easier to have your numbers daubed automatically, some players will still opt to do this manually. Why? Well, it adds much more excitement to the game!


How to Increase Your Odds Playing Online Bingo

Like all forms of gambling, bingo is a game of chance. This means there are no guarantees when playing that you are going to win. However, that does not mean you cannot improve your odds of winning. Here are some bingo gameplay tips to consider if you want to increase your chances of getting a win:

  • Bingo rooms – the number of players in a bingo room can have a big impact on your odds of winning. The more players there are in a bingo room, the less chance you have of winning. Always consider the number of players in a bingo room before joining, but remember, it is essential to weigh up the number of players in the room with the size of the jackpot available. Smaller bingo rooms can mean smaller prize pots up for grabs
  • Bingo cards – players should try and buy as many bingo cards as they possibly can when playing online bingo games. The more cards you have, the higher your chances are of winning. The number of cards you get will all depend on what your budget is. Players should never exceed their budget when purchasing bingo cards
  • Bingo variant – the more bingo numbers there are in circulation in a game, the higher your chances are of winning. Players will want games to go on as long as possible as this depletes the bingo numbers in play

If you implement each of these tips in your online bingo gameplay, you will increase your odds of getting a bingo win.


Get to Know the Bingo Lingo

One of the most popular aspects of bingo is getting to know the bingo lingo. Here are all of the most common bingo phrases that you will discover in bingo halls:

Number Bingo Lingo
1 Kelly’s eye
2 One little duck
3 Cup of tea
4 Knock at the door
5 Man alive
6 Half a dozen
7 Lucky seven
8 Garden gate
9 Doctor’s orders
10 Prime Minister’s Den
11 Legs eleven
12 One dozen
13 Unlucky for some
14 Valentine’s Day
15 Young and keen
16 Sweet 16 and never been kissed
17 Dancing queen
18 Coming of age
19 Goodbye teens
20 One score
21 Key of the door
22 Two little ducks
23 Thee and me
24 Two dozen
25 Duck and dive
26 Pick and mix
27 Gateway to heaven
28 In a state
29 Rise and shine
30 Dirty Gertie
31 Get up and run
32 Buckle my shoe
33 All the threes
34 Ask for more
35 Jump and jive
36 Three dozen
37 More than eleven
38 Christmas cake
39 39 steps
40 Life begins
41 Time for fun
42 Winnie the pooh
43 Down on your knees
44 Droopy drawers
45 Halfway there
46 Up to tricks
47 Four and seven
48 Four dozen
49 PC
50 Half a century
51 Tweak of the thumb
52 Danny La Rue
53 Stuck in a tree
54 Clean the floor
55 Snakes the alive
56 Shots bus
57 Heinz varieties
58 Make them wait
59 Brighton line
60 Five dozen
61 Bakers bun
62 Tickety-boo
63 Tickle me 63
64 Red raw
65 Old age pension
66 Clickety click
67 Stairway to heaven
68 Saving grace
69 Favourite of mine
70 Three scores and ten
71 Bang on the drum
72 Six dozen
73 Queen bee
74 Hit the floor
75 Strive and strive
76 Trombones
77 Sunset strip
78 39 more steps
79 One more time
80 Eight and blank
81 Stop and run
82 Straight on through
83 Time for tea
84 Seven dozen
85 Staying alive
86 Between the sticks
87 Torquay in Devon
88 Two fat ladies
89 Nearly there
90 Top of the shop

Now that you know all of the most popular bingo lingo phrases, you will easily be able to mark off your bingo card numbers.

When playing bingo, whether online or in a brick-and-mortar hall, the numbers will not be repeated by the bingo caller or on your bingo card. Follow our top tips when playing online bingo to increase your odds of winning and get to know the most popular bingo lingo phrases to daub your bingo numbers as you play easily.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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