How has the Rise in Mobile Gaming Impacted on Bingo?

According to recent forecasts, mobile gameplay will make up 44% of all global interactive gaming by the year 2018. This will translate into an annual turnover of 19 billion Euros, which is up considerably from a total of 2.4 billion Euros in 2010.

In 2010, mobile gaming was also responsible for just 11% of all interactive gaming. This represents a significant shift, as smartphones and tablets continue to supersede desktops and laptops as the pre-eminent gaming platforms.

How has the Rise in Mobile Gaming Impacted on Bingo?

While this trend has impacted significantly on all types of gaming, it has created an entire sub-genre in the virtual gambling market. More specifically, it has helped to popularise casino games such as poker, blackjack and roulette among a larger and more diverse social demographic. It has had a similar impact on the bingo market in the UK, which after sports betting remains the single most popular gambling pastime accessible to players. There are now hundreds of online bingo sites nationwide, each of which offers a huge diversity of games and incredible cash prizes to its players.

These two factors offer a fascinating insight into how the rise of mobile gaming has impacted on bingo. To begin with, it has led to the development of a numerous variations and formats, many of which are based on the classic gaming patterns that have made bingo so memorable. In addition to this, the competitive nature of the mobile gambling market and its potential for real-time interaction has also heralded the dawn of huge cash bonuses, which are subsequently used as incentives to entice novice players.

Heralding the Modern Age of Bingo

As a result of this, the stereotypical demographic of bingo players has been altered beyond all recognition. Whereas traditional bingo is primarily seen as a popular pastime among older citizens, research suggests that the average of online and mobile players is between 30 and 50. It is therefore clear that mobile bingo appeals to a broader range of players, both in terms of age and disposable income.
With the mobile gaming market likely to expand further in the next five years, the range of bingo games available is likely to grow exponentially. As the technology behind mobile gaming also continues to evolve, we can expect more authentic bingo experiences and increasingly realistic gameplay.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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