The New Ways of Playing The Nation’s Favourite Game

There has been rapid growth in the online bingo sector in recent times, with the number of active sites having risen from less than 20 to 350 between 2004 and 2013. This has grown even further in the last two years, and in time it may well be the case that the market will completely supersede the traditional bingo sector. While many people may be aware of the emerging virtual bingo market, however, not everyone understands the exact number of channels that are now available or the impact that these have had on the traditional sector.

To help you understand the market as a whole, here are just three of our favourite new channels through which you can play bingo in 2015…

Desktop and Laptop Bingo

Online bingo was originally developed for the desktop and laptop platforms, and these remain popular to this day. Although they are relatively rigid and fixed in their nature, they enable gamers to access their favourite online titles on a large, high resolution display. The other benefits of these devices lies with their superior processing power, which helps to maintain the optimal pace of the best bingo sites and negates the risk of prolonged down-time. Laptops also offer portability, providing the ideal balance between the popular desktop and mobile platforms.

Mobile Bingo

polo-bingo-mobileOf the estimated three million bingo players in the UK, a growing percentage are now active on the mobile platform. This is a diverse and constantly evolving channel, which includes individual devices such as tablets, smartphones, and phablets. The primary benefit of the mobile platform is the flexibility that it affords players, as they can access titles regardless of their geographical location (and in some instances without a viable broadband connection). Mobile players also have real-time access to the latest promotions and bonus offers, while cross-platform gaming technology means that they can also connect their device to a large screen display when possible.

Alternative Bingo


For traditionalists who are struggling to come to terms with the online platform, it is important to note that the emergence of the virtual market has also triggered change in physical bingo halls throughout the UK. This has led to the development of new and alternative bingo formats, including musical variations such as Rock and Roll Bingo. By substituting numbered balls with famous rock and roll tracks, players can enjoy a high octane bingo experience that transcends the traditional game.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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