For Beginners: The Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Bingo

On the face of it, bingo seems like a relatively simplistic and easy game. After all, numbers are called on a random basis, before players mark them off in a bid to complete their game card and call ‘house’. This process is repeated over the course of multiple rounds, while cash prizes would be awarded to individual winners. The online variations follow a similar gaming pattern, with digits generated by an RNG (Random Number Generator) and game cards presented in a digital format.


Despite this, bingo is a deceptively challenging game that demands a certain amount of aptitude, numerical ability, and hand-eye coordination. The apparent ease of the game can encourage many to take it lightly, however, leading to the following common mistakes among beginners: –

Become Consumed by Superstition

Ah superstition, the trend that often sounds the death knell for gamblers and online gamers. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with using a lucky charm or following the occasional superstition when playing bingo, this can become divisive when it becomes all-consuming and governs your every move. Over time it can begin to destabilise your judgement, and ultimately create the kind of ill-considered decision making that turns gaming into a tale of financial woe.

Indulging in an Excess of Alcohol while playing

Alcohol not allowed

For those who are used to playing traditional, land-based bingo, you may well be accustomed to enjoying a drink during gameplay. While this is fine if you play for social enjoyment and interaction, it can cause an issue if you drink to excess and aim to operate profitably. This is a habit that you should look to avoid (especially if you make the transition to online gameplay), as it can become divisive over time, cloud your judgement and drive reckless decision making.

Don’t Overcomplicate the Game

There are more than 500 million potential winning combinations in bingo, and attempting to develop a fool-proof gameplay strategy represents a false economy. While you can hone your numeracy skills and drive hand-eye coordination through regular practice, it is fool hardy to invest too much time in strategizing your way to bingo success. By overcomplicating this game and wasting your mental effort and energy, you are likely to lose sight of your underlying goals and end up losing your hard-earned money.

Whether you are new to the game of bingo (or simply making the transition between off and online gameplay), it is crucial that you avoid these mistakes and lay solid foundations that can help you achieve success.

Last updated: Feb 9, 2023

Lillian Grey

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