How did online bingo originate?

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Bingo fans are now debating whether land-based locations have a chance against their online counterparts. The future doesn’t look particularly bright for local operators, but they had their fair share of success in the past. The further we go back in time, the more impressed we are by how far the game came since its humble beginnings. Looking back at the origins of bingo, there are a few competing theories, but its beginning can be traced to the beginning of the 16th century in Italy.

Italians invented classic bingo

There are no official records about the beginnings of bingo, but it looks like the first games were played in Italy. Right from the start, the game was popular, and it proved to be a hit nationwide. The game hasn’t changed much since its beginning, but it was refined to meet the expectations of increasingly demanding players. Nowadays, we have a few versions of the game such as the 90-ball at 75-ball bingo that stand out from the crowd as the most popular.

Since it was invented, bingo became popular across Europe, and it was played in brick-and-mortar locations by players from all walks of life. Unlike other forms of gambling that were reserved for the aristocracy and the wealthy elite, bingo was accessible to everyone. This is a classic game of chance that requires no previous experience and luck is the dominant factor in determining winners. This underlying quality explains its popularity and success over the years.

Bingo becomes popular in the US

The moment bingo crossed the Atlantic Ocean, it reaches its full potential because Americans fell in love with the game right from the start. It became popular on both continents, and it developed a cult following in many American towns. Atlanta was the city where it was appreciated the most, and from that location, it spread nationwide. Throughout the 20th century, bingo halls appealed to elderly citizens and the game was particularly popular among women.

British people were equally fascinated by the game, and they spent a lot of time playing it after the second world war. The fact that it was legalized in the 60s set an important milestone and provided developers with a strong incentive to expand. All good things come to an end, so the sunset of the Golden Age of bingo was not a surprise in the 90s. This is when the decline of the traditional bingo halls began, and the traditional game had to give way to the online alternative.

Internet bingo dominates the landscape

Licensed, regulated and reputable bingo sites provide a convenient and secure environment for fans of the game. They can enjoy bingo from the comfort of their home and mobile devices provide an even more convenient way to play. Bingo is now available for free or real money and because of the low cost of bingo tickets anyone can enjoy the game. There are bonuses and exclusive promotions spicing things up and providing the impetus for players to tag along. Bingo came a long way since it was invented in Italy more than 500 years ago and has a bright future ahead.

Last updated: Apr 23, 2023

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