Bingo Explored: What is Rock and Roll Bingo?

If you are an avid online bingo player who has made the transition from offline, you may well have noticed the incredible range of variations that now exist in the virtual world. This may well have come as a considerable culture shock, especially if you are used to traditional formats such as speed bingo and 75 or 90 ball variations.

This is not to say that offline players have not experienced variation in the world of bingo, however, as there are numerous forms of themed games that are played nationwide throughout the UK. Take Rock and Roll Bingo, for example, which is considered to be the fastest growing pub game in the UK and has undoubted potential as an online experience.

What is Rock and Roll Bingo and where can it be Played?

In terms of the accessibility of rock and roll bingo, there are almost now limits in the physical, offline realm. More specifically, this innovative variation of the game can be played in almost any real-world location, from small village halls and public houses to holiday parks and large, city centre venues. From a gameplay perspective, it also affordable to access and easy to understand, while the distinct nature of the game is also likely to appeal to a wider demographic of players.

So exactly is this game played? Quite simply, it is bingo with music, as traditional numbers and spherical balls are replaced with 15 second music clips on a pre-made compact disc. In turn, the random digits on printed bingo cards are replaced with the names of variable artists and songs, while the rest of the game proceeds in a traditional manner. The music clips are randomly selected and played to the participating audience, forcing players to quickly mark these off on their cards as and when applicable.

The winner is the players who completes his card first and shouts bingo, so long as he his quick and can be heard in-between various bursts of music!

The Last Word

This is a fun and unique variation of the game, while the combination of classic bingo gaming patterns and high-tempo music has proved to be a huge hit with fans. The excitement, noise and high octane nature of gameplay is also appealing to younger participants, while it is also infectious for everyone involved.

From an online perspective, there is no doubt that this game could be effectively replicated in the virtual world. The sophisticated RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm could easily be augmented to play audio files rather than reveal numbers, while the use of music would also add a unique dimension to online gaming and appeal to players on a global scale.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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