The Myths of Bingo Exposed: Gameplay for the Modern Age

If you have never played online bingo, this may because you do not have a huge amount of time available to indulge in gaming. It may also be because you have heard and bought into the numerous myths that surround online bingo, many of which are based on misconceptions, half-truths and ignorance.

The fact remains that you cannot form a full and frank opinion on online bingo until you have played the game, as this would most likely shatter these popular myths and enable you to forge a more informed opinion. This is a good exercise to follow at the best of times, as a closed mind can prevent you from enjoying many of life’s unique experiences. So, here are three common online bingo myths exposed for all the world to see!

Online Bingo costs a great deal to play
Let’s start with the most absurd and inaccurate assertion, which suggests that online bingo is costly to play. This has absolutely no merit whatsoever, and has clearly been conceived by someone who has never actually played the game. In fact, most online bingo halls operate under a freemium business model, which means that players do not need to pay a subscription fee in order to access their favourite games. While they may need to place a cash deposit to begin playing, this is active gaming capital than can be used to generate returns.


Online Bingo lacks the Realism of Physical Gameplay
This is a far more understandable and fairer assumption, simply because it was true until the technological developments of the last five years. In the modern age, however, modern bingo variations have been refined to offer increasingly authentic gameplay, both in terms of the background settings and the pace at which it can be played. As a result of this, online bingo now offers the perfect balance between convenience and authenticity in 2015.

There are no Huge Returns in Online Bingo
This is an interesting idea, and one that fails to take into account the impact of real-time promotions and bonuses. Available to both new registrations and existing players, these promotions usually offer free gameplay to participants, whether this is through a fixed number of complimentary rounds or a deposit match to the value of 100% or 200%. As a consequence of these regular and lucrative bonus options, players can benefit from considerable amounts of free gameplay and optimise their profit margins accordingly. There is also a wider range of available games offering larger jackpots, and these can also be accessed to increase your returns.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

Lillian Grey

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