The Best And Most Interactive Online Bingo Mascots

While purists may argue that online bingo lacks the interactivity of traditional variants, virtual brands have done much to counter this criticism. Not only has this involved using advanced technology to drive real-time gaming and greater interaction between players, but it has also inspired the development of fun and colourful mascots that embody individual brands. The mascots are visually striking and full of character, making them an integral part of a thriving industry.

At, our team has subsequently decided to shortlist its favourite mascots for the modern age…

William Hill Bingo (The Birdman)

Although not necessarily renowned for its bingo platform, William Hill has a burgeoning range of online activities including a host of casino games. Its bingo site has certainly managed to capture the attention of players, thanks primarily to the impact of its innovative Birdman mascot which fuses bold yellows and blues within an eye-catching design. Non-threatening and universally appealing in equal measure, it is also hard to ignore the symbolism of the Birdman’s wings and how it effectively represents the carefree fun of having a flutter!

City Bingo (City Cat)


At first glance, the notion of having a cat represent the progressive City Bingo brand may seem a little unusual. There are a number of compelling reasons for this choice, however, not least the universal popularity of cats and the devotion that they inspire among their owners. This particular mascot is also brightly coloured and extremely visually alluring, while it sits well within the design of the branded website. Above all else, we should not forget the folklore of travelling cats such as Puss in Boots, which has been a literary favourite for generations.

Costa Bingo (Sunny)


Not all mascots have to make sense to their followers, as occasionally we can be charmed by individual characters that have wonderfully optimistic personas. This is where the Costa Bingo mascot Sunny enters the fray, as he truly lives up to his moniker with an infectiously happy personality and positive outlook. He has dominated the brand since 2010, and become synonymous with both the game and the business that he represents. Sunny is also the front for all of the Costa Bingo promotions and bonus offers, making the brand alluring to younger players and new demographics.

If you are interested in these sites or their fun and interactive mascots, you can check them out here.

Last updated: Feb 9, 2023

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