The New Wink Bingo Exclusive: A Chance To See Peter Andre Live


While the demographic of bingo players has continued to diversify over time, it is fair to say that women still dominate this particular market. This explains why many of the promotions conceived by brands are aimed at female players, with the recent offering by Wink Bingo providing a relevant case in point. More specifically, the brand has joined forces with musician Peter Andre in a bid to raise a staggering £50,000 in support of Cancer Research UK.

Not only is Andre one of the UK’s best loved celebrities, but he is also something of an icon among female fans of all ages. While the singer’s immense popularity is justification enough for his involvement with the promotion however, it is Andre’s close involvement and emotional connection with the Cancer Research UK group that is truly compelling. After all, it was as recently as 2012 that the star tragically lost his brother to kidney cancer, and this devastating loss has inspired Andre to campaign passionately for the cause ever since.

This tragedy inspired the Peter Andre Fund, from which all proceeds go directly to Cancer Research UK. Andre’s campaign Pete’s Champions has also raised over £100,000 for the group, while driving a Cancer Awareness Roadshow to educate individuals on the importance of understanding their bodies and potentially identifying symptoms at the earliest opportunity. This and Andre’s ethos ‘Know your body, know what’s right for you’ distinguished him as the ideal choice to front Wink Bingo’s exciting campaign.

The event and what fans can expect

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Tickets for this exclusive and highly-anticipated show can be won every day at Wink Bingo, with the Meet Pete raffle offering lucky winners the chance to see Andre perform live in Manchester on 28th August. The concert itself is being hosted exclusively for Wink Bingo players, and it is expected to provide a unique and intimate atmosphere for those fortunate enough to attend. As if this was not enough, winners will also enjoy a luxury hotel stay and lavish dinner while also helping to raise money for arguably the most noble of causes.

So if you have yet to participate, get online now and stake your claim in a worthy cause. After all, where else can you practice the game that you love while supporting cancer sufferers throughout the UK?

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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