A look at Celebrity Bingo Players from the UK

If you like to play bingo, it is fair to say that you part of a majority within the UK. Not is the number of active players continuing to rise in the UK, but the modern generation of players is also being drawn from varied social demographics.

Did you know that celebrities also like to play bingo too? This is especially prevalent in the UK, although famous faces in Hollywood and around the world have also been known to enjoy bingo both on and offline. So who exactly are these famous bingo players, and exactly how do they indulge their passion for the game? Here are some of the most surprising examples:

Catherine Zeta-Jones
From humble British actress to Hollywood legend, Catherine Zeta-Jones has enjoyed quite a transformation since her career began. Now a superstar actress and married to American icon Michael Douglas, Jones is also a huge fan of bingo and plays regularly close friend and fellow British star Kate Moss. Interesting, the Wales-born actress Jones also hosts her own bingo tournaments from time to time, many of which feature fellow Hollywood A-listers and close friends who share a unique passion for the game.

Robbie Williams
Having shot to fame as a part of the fabled boy band Take That, Robbie Williams subsequently earned international repute as a successful solo artist. This included a multi-million dollar album deal at the turn of the century, and the height of his fame it is hard to imagine Williams calling ‘bingo’ at a local bingo hall. This is exactly how the Stoke-born singer likes to spend his spare time, however, and he can often be spotted at the biggest and best bingo halls in the UK singing his way to success. Given that money is not an issue for the Potteries star, it is fair to assume that he plays for the love of the game rather than financial gain.

Katie Price
The artist formerly known as Jordan, Katie Price has reinvented herself so many times that it is difficult to gain a true insight into her persona. The person behind the image never changes, however, and Price has always has a genuine love and fondness for the game of bingo. Now established as a serious business women, author and television personality, the latest winner of Celebrity Big Brother can often be found playing at a local bingo hall or accessing her account online. Price would certainly qualify as one of the most glamorous bingo players out there, and once again she embodies the spirit and love of the game that exists within British society.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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