EUBINGO, known as the Federation of European Bingo Associations, was a lobby group created to represent the bingo industry in the European Parliament. Its members were based in four European countries, and the association was located in Europe.


Why Was EUBINGO Established?

The Federation of European Bingo Associations was created in 2006, with an official launch taking place on the 31st of January 2006. This was hosted by MEP Bill Newton Dunn and occurred at the European Parliament in Brussels. The co-presidents were Sir Peter Fry and Jose Luis Iniesta.

The four-member countries were:

  • United Kingdom – The Bingo Association
  • Ireland – Star Bingo Group
  • Italy – Federbingo
  • CEJ – Spain

Originally, the two founding members of the association were the United Kingdom and Spain.

The association was established to represent the bingo industry. The group would closely follow any European Union developments affecting the industry, then provide information on legislation that could impact their members. Its work also included lobbying lawmakers in an attempt to influence policies that could affect them. Works of particular interest included:

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • EU SME policy
  • EU working time legislation
  • Commission study on gambling
  • EU anti-smoking campaign
  • Proceedings against national gambling monopolies

By 2012, the company had been dissolved in the UK.


The Bingo Association

One of the founding members of the Federation of European Bingo Associations was The Bingo Association. This trade association was based in the UK and represented UK Gambling Commission licensed and regulated bingo clubs. 88 proprietors had a membership with The Bingo Association, including the largest bingo operators in the country, like Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo.

The Bingo Association has a multitude of roles including:

  • Facilitates annual age verification testing of sites
  • Provides information to members on any operational compliant
  • Provides support to members on social responsibility issues
  • Works with an agreed national charity
  • Represents member interests to any relevant third parties
  • Provides national industry self-exclusion scheme

While the Federation of European Bingo Associations no longer exists, The Bingo Association still acts on behalf of its members in the UK.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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