What are the various Bingo calls and what do they mean?

Ah, bingo calls. These quirky and distinct monikers are central to the appeal of the game, while they add considerably to the level of interaction between players and bingo callers. While these calls are less commonly integrated online, they still underpin the virtual experience and help traditional players to make a seamless transition between both platforms. Whatever your background as an online bingo player an innate understanding of the available calls can help you immensely.

Understanding Bingo Calls: What are they and how do they work?
The first thing to note about bingo calls is that they can vary according to region, with local variations known to distinguish the north and south of the UK. They are most prominently used in 90-ball bingo games and modern variations, and some have even been integrated into Urban language and dictionaries in Great Britain. Another thing to note is that most refer to a specific number that can be called throughout the course of a game, meaning that there are up 90 variations depending on the specific format that you are playing. These are in addition to calls such as ‘house’ or ‘bingo’, which are used by players to announce the completion of a game.


Numbers are announced by the bingo caller in question, each of which must have an in-depth knowledge of these numbers and the calls associated with them. Some of the most famous include ‘Kelly’s Eye’, which refers to the number one and is always a firm favourite among players, and the iconic ‘Two Fat Ladies’ for 88. The number 90 is represented by ‘Top of the Shop’, and this also gets a considerable cheer when it is announced to the crowd. There is also a strong sense of rhythm and rhyme associated with bingo calls, with the majority quite memorable and easy to recall.

Why you should still learn Bingo calls in the Digital Age
You can find a list of all official bingo calls (and some of their variations) here, and this will help you immensely as you look to get to grips with the game and become an improved player. It will also help you to appreciate the tradition that underpins the original game, which is even more important in a digital age where bingo calls are in danger of being phased out gradually over time.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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