How Much Money Do You Need To Play Bingo?

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world, both for gambling and leisure. Whether online or in-person, people of all ages love the game. But how much money do you need to play bingo?

If you’re curious about the funds necessary to play bingo, we’re here to help. Read on for how much you should expect to spend playing bingo.

How Much Money Do You Need To Play Bingo?

Playing For Free

One crucial factor to consider is that there are many places where you can play for free. When looking online, many sites will give free-to-play bingo. However, free-to-play bingo rarely gives any prizes.

Instead, you’ll play for leisure. Some of these sites may allow minor payouts at the cost of running ads. With many of these sites, they’ll allow a one-time payment for a premium account that removes ads.

If you’re playing for fun, playing for free is a great option. You won’t have the same thrill as gambling or the payout, but you’ll still scratch the itch! Needless to say, you won’t need any money to play for free.

Free Spins

Another way to play for free is to take advantage of a feature many sites offer. Some premium sites will offer free spins as promotions, letting you take bingo spins at no cost.

There are various ways a site offers these spins. For example, new members to premium bingo sites may get several free spins to help encourage new players. After these spins run out, players will need to purchase spins.

Others may encourage you to watch advertisements. Many mobile games will give players advertisements to watch and reward with premium currencies. In bingo games, the strategy is often the same.

Still, others may offer extra spins when purchasing additional features. Purchasing a certain number of spins will reward extra free spins to help you keep winning!

Look for opportunities for free spins to play at a premium without paying the funds. Doing so will keep your costs lower than usual or make playing entirely free.


Betting on Bingo

Of course, if you want to earn money playing bingo or enjoy more rigorous features, you’ll likely need to pay. But how much money do you need to play bingo? Here are some things to consider when allocating your funds for the game.

Paid Spins

Most sites will offer you paid spins as the basis of the site. These spins will allow you to gamble on your bingo card and play the game.

In most cases, spins come in bulk. However, sites will offer different deals, and you should compare these sites to help you choose!

For example, one site may offer more spins for less money than another. This feature often comes at a trade-off, such as giving less impressive rewards for winning a game.

Conversely, a site may offer you fewer spins at a higher price but give you better rewards. Some sites may also offer more initial spins for free but charge more to purchase spins afterwards.

Many sites also offer subscriptions instead of purchasing spins. These sites will often give an allocated number of spins depending on your subscription level. Past this, they’ll still allow you to purchase spins in most cases, often giving a discount for premium members.

Look into the many sites on offer and decide which offers your preferred deal. That said, don’t think that you’re locking yourself in! Nothing is stopping you from playing bingo with multiple sites or cancelling a subscription.


Along with spins, you should consider what payouts these bingo sites give. As a rule of thumb, the more it costs to play, the more a site will usually pay out.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should go for the most expensive site in hopes of hitting it big. Instead, consider what the cost of spins is versus how much you stand to win. If you spend hundreds to earn a fraction of what you paid, you’re far from coming out on top.

You should also always factor in how many free spins you’re earning. These spins help to keep the cost down dramatically. Still, sites that offer a high number of free spins usually won’t have large payouts.

Above all else, look for reputable sites. Sites like Robin Hood Bingo and Mecca Bingo are trustworthy. In your search for online bingo, you may find plenty of sites that are far less reputable. Avoid scam sites at all costs to keep your information safe and your computer virus-free!

Suggested Funds: How Much Money You Need To Play Bingo

Now that we’ve gone over the finances of bingo, we can look at how much you’ll need to play. As a note, your funds should inform this decision: there’s no strict amount necessary.

A good place to start is £50-£100. Sites that offer free spins will make this amount stretch much further. You’ll also be in the clear if you happen to win, as many offer payouts equal to or higher than this amount.

Higher-cost sites may charge you more, so prepare to spend more than this if you want to play continuously. Is playing in bingo part of your nightly routine, or do you want to drop in now and then?

Start with a low amount and increase as you begin to win. Doing so will stop you from losing out on too many funds.


In-Person Bingo

Many bingo clubs and events have small entrance fees. These are usually only a few pounds. However, research bingo events in your area to find free games.

These in-person events are also a fantastic way to form a community. Many of these people will likely host their own gatherings and bingo nights.


Final Thoughts

So, how much money do you need to play bingo? Bingo can be free, or it can cost a small fee. If playing online, we recommend starting with about £50-£100 and adjusting from there.

For more tips on playing bingo, browse the rest of our guides!

Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

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